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  • How To Find A Profitable Niche – A Marketing Lesson From Leave It To Beaver

    Posted on April 22nd, 2015 Tim No comments

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    How To Find A Profitable Niche – A Marketing Lesson From Leave It To Beaver

    crowd with moneyWhen I was a kid one of my favorite shows to watch were reruns of Leave It To Beaver, so while looking around on Netflix for something to watch the other day, I noticed Leave It To Beaver was on there, so I decided to watch a few episodes, and I ended up coming across an episode called “Water, Anyone?“… And on that episode they had a pretty good marketing lesson.

    The show starts off with Wally wanting money to buy a uniform for his new baseball team, and his dad Ward tells him rather than giving him the money, he will have to earn it by doing some chores. The Beaver wants to be on the team too and Wally tells him he can be on the team if he can earn the money for the uniform, so the Beaver offers to do some chores around the house too. But his dad tells him that he has nothing for him to do.

    Meanwhile the rest of the boys in the neighborhood follows Wards lead and have their sons doing chores outside in the hot sun to earn their money as well. Wally is still outside working in the heat, and he tells the Beaver that he would give anything for a glass of water, and that gives the Beaver an idea to start selling water.

    So the Beaver gets some water in a bucket and tells Wally he is going to sell water, Wally then proceeds to make fun of him for the crazy idea of selling water (I’m sure they never thought 30 to 40 years down the road people would spend literally billions of dollars each year buying bottled water), the Beaver undeterred starts going around the neighborhood offering water, when he comes across some workers who said they’re going to shut off the water to the neighborhood for a couple of hours. The Beaver then wisely goes home and gets even more water, and then promptly sells it to Wally and the rest of the neighborhood and ends up making enough money to buy the uniform he needed.

    Here is the FULL EPISODE:

    So what’s the marketing lesson?

    The legendary Gary Halbert asked a group of people he was speaking to, if they owned a hotdog stand and could have one advantage over their competition what would it be. Some of the people said they’d have the best tasting hotdogs, others said they’d rather have the best prices, etc.

    Gary Halbert then told them they were all wrong, and that if you’re going to have a single advantage over the competition, it should be having a starving crowd, because when you have a starving crowd they don’t care how your hotdogs taste or how much they cost, they just want a solution to their problem.

    And ultimately that is making money online is all about, it’s actually really easy, all you have to do is find a starving crowd or in the Beavers case a thirsty crowd, and then give them a solution to their problem, and they’ll be more than happy to pay for it.  Keep in mind when you’re selecting a niche, that the more hungry a crowd is, the easier it is going to be for you to sale them the solution to their problem, thereby making you a lot of money.

    For instance one of the niches I’ve made a lot of money in, is the cheating spouse niche. A person that thinks their spouse is cheating is thinking about it all day long. Every time their spouse gets a text they’re wondering if it is the person they suspect they are cheating on them with, or when it takes them a little longer than usual to get home from work they are wondering whether or not they are meeting up with someone.

    Pretty soon, they’re going to go online and look up signs that their spouse is cheating, and if they show enough signsNiche-Marketing 2, the person will want some sort of confirmation, and then that’s where the product I sell comes in, as it will show them how to find out for sure whether or not their spouse is cheating. If the person isn’t cheating, they’re going to finally have some peace of mind, and if they find out they are cheating they can either break things off with them or try to mend their relationship, and that’s where another product I sell comes in, as it shows how to save your relationship after you’ve caught them cheating.

    Are you starting to see how this works? All you need to do is find a product or create one that solves a problem someone is desperate to find a solution for, and then get your product in front of them, just like the Beaver did.

    Once you’ve decided on a desperate niche, all you need to do next is decided whether you want to be an affiliate for a product that has their solution, or whether you want to create the product that gives them their solution. If you want to go the affiliate route, which is certainly easier to start off with, you’ll want to go on Clickbank and try to find a good product, and also look around for CPA offers that offer a solution as well (This obviously won’t apply to all niches, but if you choose to go into a health related niche, there is a good chance there will be a CPA offer that you can promote).

    If you want to create your own product, and there is a lot more money doing that, you will also want to go to Clickbank, and see what products are selling well, and do your best to put together a product that is just as good or better than what they are offering, and then you’ll also want to find affiliates that will promote your product, and make you a ton of money in the process as well.

    If you’re wanting to go the affiliate route, I highly recommend that you get Bring the Fresh as it will show you exactly how to get the products you’re an affiliate for and put them in front of people that are desperate to buy them.

    And if you’re wanting to create a product to sell, and I highly recommend that at some point in time you do, I suggest getting Clickbank University, and use this link if you’d like to skip the sales video and just go straight to the page to buy it.

    Bottom line if you’re struggling to make money online, you should ask yourself whether or not the niche you’re targeting is hungry or thirsty enough for what you’re offering them, and if they’re not, you should probably target a niche that is.  Something to keep in mind when selecting a starving crowd, is that the more embarrassing a problem is, the more likely it is they’re going to be searching for a solution online, and that increases the chances you’re going to be able and get your product or solution in front of them and make sale.

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