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  • Honest 1 Click CashBot Review

    Posted on June 12th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a Review for the 1 Click CashBot software if you are looking for the OFFICIAL 1 Click CashBot site CLICK HERE


    1 Click CashBot Review

    1 Click CashBot Review

    Alright well when I initially saw the 1 Click CashBot software,  I couldn’t help but think okay here we go another “GET RICH QUICK” software that doesn’t live up to the hype and believe me when I say this I am going to be doing a review on another software requested by one of my blog readers that pretty much SUCKS!

    So to my surprise I am happy to say that this software is actually pretty good and is well worth the price!  So you are now probably wondering what it is.  Basically it is a video creation and distribution software.  There are what is called the BASIC, EXTREME, and SNIPER softwares.

    There are a ton of features such as being able to spin video’s and their descriptions to make them unique, create music, you can even with the SNIPER software download others video’s and make them essentially your own with your own and upload them with your affiliate link.  The SNIPER software even allows you to use the tags and titles of other successful video’s so that you video can immediately start getting traffic.  It basically takes alot of the keyword and guess work out of it.

    Now be careful doing that because some of those people may not be very happy about you using their video’s.  So you may want to create more than one account which I advise you to do anyways especially with each individual niche you may be in.

    Now as far as making money with 1 Click CashBot alot of that is going to depend on how well either your landing page or your presell page converts.  Something that I would highly recommend you doing with some of your video’s is to build a SQUEEZE PAGE for you to start collecting email addresses and start either building a list or increase your list size.

    If you are not using an autoresponder yet and are on a limited budget I would recommend using GetResponse as it is very affordable.  Personally I use Aweber which I think is the best but it is a bit more exspensive than GetResponse.

    So I highly recommend the 1 Click CashBot software because it really does work which is rare for an IM software these days.

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