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    Posted on August 9th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Hitesh and Dan Brocks Commission Ignition product if you would like to see the Official site CLICK HERE!


    Hitesh and Dan Brock’s Commission Ignition Review


    Hitesh and Dan Brock's Commission Ignition Review Warrior Forum

    Alright Hitesh may be an internet marketer that you are familiar with but if you are not let me tell you this guy is the REAL DEAL when it comes to internet marketing and I have learned a lot from this guy.  Now Dan Brock is someone who has been more visible this past year to the internet marketing world and while he may be young I have enjoyed talking to him and learn from him as well so I can tell your right from the start these TWO internet marketers know what they are doing when it comes to making money online!

    Now from my understanding Commission Ignition is more Hitesh’s product and Dan Brock is more of a consultant on it.  Okay so I was given a review copy of Hitesh and Dan Brocks Commission Ignition so things are always subject for a bit of change since most internet marketers are still trying to improve on the product.

    But here is what you get when you purchase Commission Ignition:

    It is divided into 4 Steps:

    Step 1 Drivers Training:

    You will get some decent Internet Marketing training, now as Dan says in the Intro Video most people are going to want to skip the training but it is wise to go through it and make sure you get a thorough understanding of  the BASICS of internet marketing.  They do include an Advanced section and I really like this Concept they give you a Question and Answers section in regards to several internet marketing concepts if you can’t answer the questions you will know for certain that you need to go through the training!  If you can answer the questions then you most likely can feel confident in skipping the training.

    As I said before I really like the whole idea of having the questions since it will eliminate one of the things more experienced internet marketers have to go through quite a bit and that is trying to filter out the BASIC’s of internet marketing from the content they can actually use.

    Step 2 Build Your Engine:

    This is a web based software that will allow you to select a PROVEN money making niche and sub niche you can then find products as well as keywords to use and promote for that niche and subnice!  You will then have the option for it to create a zipped file for a Niche site or Autoblog site as well as for TWO ways to have it installed which is very nice since technical problems are a nature of the internet marketing beast and one of the main problems is a lot of internet marketers only give one way for the plugin or software to be installed or it will usually only work with certain host.  This should eliminate most of those problems!

    Step 3 Start Your Engine:

    This comes with the Fuel and the Spark, the Fuel is a Viral Traffic Generator and the Spark is a Social Bookmarking Wizard!

    Step 4 Turbo Chare Your Engine:

    This does appear that it could possibly be an upsell but I am not sure and I may have to come back and update this post too let you know for sure this is a Backlink Ignition plugin and is actually the same as one of the features of Click Conspiracy (however on the Click Conspiracy product I was only able to watch the Video instructions etc. and not access the plugin as I was able to do with this product)

    These TWO plugins seem to be VERY Cool and come with both video as well as a PDF User Guide Instructions.

    Pro’s –

    • Will make it very easy to select products, keywords, as well as to install a very nice niche website that will convert well.
    • Allows you to be able to install your site in multiple ways which if anyone has tried and failed when installing a site with softwares similar to this can tell you it is very frustrating.  So this will minimize that kind of frustration.
    • Provides multiple ways to start making your site go viral as well as how to drive traffic to it with SEO.
    • Plenty of training on Internet Marketing basics for beginners
    • Gives a way to measure if you need training or not
    • Will save you hours of time trying to find keywords and products for your site not to mention installing it etc.

    Con’s –

    You will need to go back and slightly edit the content within your created site to make it more of your own and unique.


    Commission Ignition is a very good product for internet marketers and while it is definitely something that I would recommend to Beginner and Intermediate internet marketers most advanced internet marketers will most likely have very little need for it other than saving a little bit of time.  However as I said befere if you are new or are an intermediate internet marketer this will help you both save time and easily make a lot more money online.

    They give you more than enough training, viral plugins, as well as traffic driving softwares to help you get ranked more easily within the search engines.  They also give you a TON of Niches and Sub Niches to choose from and they have all been PROVEN money making niches so you should not have a hard time finding something for you to make money off of with the Hitesh and Dan Brocks Commission Ignition product!

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