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  • Glynn K and Jani G’s $300 CPA Every Day Warrior Forum Review

    Posted on July 3rd, 2015 Tim No comments

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    Glynn K and Jani G’s $300 CPA Every Day Warrior Forum Review

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    My rating for Glynn K and Jani G’s $300 CPA Every Day product is:



    300 cpa every day warrior forum reviewThere’s a lot of money to be made with CPA marketing, however with that said, half of the methods being taught will NOT show you how to make that money, and Glynn K’s $300 CPA Every Day product is one of the methods that will NOT teach you how to make a consistent income online with CPA marketing.

    The first thing I noticed upon visiting the $300 CPA Every Day salespage was the impressive screenshots of how much money they were making, however something I also noticed was that these accounts were Clicksure and Clickbank, both of which are pretty much affiliate marketing accounts, which should be a warning flag, because that means they’re most likely showing you money they made using other methods (Most likely him mailing out to his email list and making sales, and after buying this product you get to be one of those people too) rather than the method they’re going to teach you on how to supposedly make $300 a day with CPA marketing.

    And as if that weren’t enough, I noticed internet marketer Jani G was also behind the product, so needless to say right away I knew this was probably not going to be a very good product, but rather than to write it off as another crappy Jani G product, I decided to give it an honest look.

    Upon entering the Members Area of $300 CPA Every Day you will see that the free secret traffic source they’re talking about using to start earning $300 a day with CPA marketing is Instagram. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad of way building up a following and making some money, but once again the vast majority of people who buy this course will NOT be able to make $300 each and every day with CPA marketing using the method they’re teaching.


    With that said, it also doesn’t mean you can’t make money, however once again you’re probably not going to make the money they’re implying you’re going to make and certainly not that much each and every day, and I highly doubt they’re doing it either or else they’d have shown those screenshots instead of the affiliate marketing account screenshots they did show.

    So what else is taught in the $300 CPA Every Day product? It consist of about 14 video’s teaching you wide range of things like…

    How to apply and get accepted by CPA networks.

    And they cover various methods and resources to use on how to start getting Instagram followers. Everything they taught within this course is actually pretty good information, so if you’re wanting to start utilizing Instagram more for your marketing then you may want to consider purchasing this product, but once again don’t buy it thinking that you’re going to make the kind of money they’re saying you’re going to make, because you’re probably going to wind up being sorely disappointed.

    Within the $300 CPA Every Day course you will also get some BONUSES like the course in a 53 page PDF ebook, which is nice for those who prefer to learn by reading, and they also give you a 12 page guide called Free Resource On How To Get Your Affiliate Marketing Career Launched (Notice it says affiliate marketing and not CPA marketing?), which is actually a nice resource guide.

    Some of the other BONUSES they offer are pretty much worthless… One of them is a supposed traffic software called Desktop Lightening. Supposedly this software will get you a ton of traffic, but the fact is the traffic is pretty much garbage. Here is a quick summary of how the software works, you download the software and then can get other people to use the software too, which is how you build up the people you’re sending out your offers to, and in order to get your offer seen you have to read 6 other offers that people sent out. Basically this means most of the people opening your offers are going to be like you and just quickly opening them without having any real interest in what it is you’re talking about and then ignoring whatever it is the sender was trying to get you to buy.

    There is a software out there similar to this and it works 20 times better, it is called an auto responder, and while it isn’t free I can guarantee you that your results will be far better than if you use this software, the proof that what I’m saying is true, is the fact that before you can download this free software you have to sign up to the guy who created it’s mailing list, and he will be making money mailing you offers through that list, not using his crappy software.

    Another BONUS they offer you is a free strategy session, and while I didn’t sign up for the strategy session, Money-in-the-ToiletI’d imagine that how it works is they outsource this to a call center, and that person will in turn call you and suggest that you upgrade to some other offer to really accelerate your income. And honestly I’m not sure why you’d want to waste your time get tips on how to implement this method when it’s pretty clear that the guys selling you this method don’t really implement it themselves.

    The sad thing about it all is that Jani G is actually a decent marketer as far as knowing how to make money online, however he is too busy showing people who purchase his products silly methods like this one, instead of teaching the ways he is really making money.

    The bottom line is if you want to increase you Instagram following and perhaps add a small additional income stream to your overall online income then this method will show you how to do that, but just know that the amount of money you’re going to make from this is not going to be anywhere near the $300 they’re saying you’re going to make, I’d say realistically you’re going to make no more than $5 a day using this and after you’ve built up a decent following (Which can take time), you may be able to earn $10 to $20 a day from it.

    To be fair to Glenn K and Jani G, I’m willing to post your response to my HONEST review of your product along with this review if you think that my review of your product is not accurate… Just send it on over to me and I will post it as an UPDATE to this review.

    Years ago I wrote an Open Letter to Jani G in regards to his shady marketing that you can read here.


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