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  • Extreme Traffic Bot Honest Review

    Posted on March 25th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Extreme Traffic Bot Review

    Extreme Traffic Bot is basically a software that helps you to easily build professional looking websites that are optimized to get targeted traffic as well as to convert that traffic into either leads or sales with only 3 clicks.

    The first part would is choosing a template.  It has several templates that you can choose from such as:  Squeeze Pages, Email Swipe Pages, Opt In Forms, Mini Site, and there are some more options but I think you get the point.

    The second part is selecting a niche.  You should be able to find some high converting niches with the help from the software.

    The third part is for finding keywords and adding your title.  The software is supposed to help you find keywords that will easily rank and convert for you.  You then will choose a title and sub title.

    Extreme Traffic Bot also comes with a PDF training guide.

    Now I have not been able to test the software out to see how quickly or effective the pages it creates work but from what I have seen it actually looks like a decent software and worth the price which at this time is $39.

    If you do get the software I would not just rely on the keywords only to drive traffic and I would do some Article Marketing, Forum Marketing, Backlinks, Social Marketing, etc. to drive even more traffic to your site.

    However if you do not already have a squeeze page so that you can capture the email addresses of the visitors to your website that is definitely something you should do. Trust me on this when I got started as an affiliate marketer I waited way to long to start building my list and I wish that I would have done it way sooner than when I started.

    Now I use Aweber and it is in my opinion the best but they are a bit more expensive than other Autoresponders.  However an autoresponder that I know is very affordable and some of my internet marketing friends use it and love it is Get Response so look into that as well.

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