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  • Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You A Lesson From Susan Boyle

    Posted on April 1st, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You A Lesson From Susan Boyle

    Everybody dies but not everybody LIVES!

    The other day I was on Youtube watching video’s and on the side a video caught my attention, it was Susan Boyle’s VERY FIRST appearance on Britain’s Got Talent.  Well I obviously knew what the outcome was and I had seen various clips of her appearance but I had never actually watch the whole thing and what I saw almost had me in tears.

    Here is what I learned as I watched Susan Boyles appearance:

    As Susan Boyle comes out onto the stage and began to answer questions about where she was from and told the judges her age(47) you could instantly see Simon Cowell roll his eyes and the crowd begins laughing at her.  At that moment I couldn’t help but feel bad for her because I could only imagine standing there and feeling VERY NERVOUS to begin with and then immediately you are being mocked not only by one of the biggest names in the UK but then to have such a HUGE audience laughing at you and just waiting for you to fail would have made ANY person have doubts.

    Yet despite that Susan Boyle tries to brush it off with a bit of humor.  Then she tells the judges and audience her dream of being a singer and once again the judges can’t help themselves in expressing their doubt.  The judges then ask her how famous would she like to be and she gives her answer which is that she would like to as famous as Elaine Paige which not only makes the judges laugh at her but the audience then joins in as well this time.

    Once again despite all of the doubt and criticism being thrown her way she stands strong and in my opinion it is because of one reason and one reason ONLY and that is because she wasn’t going to die with her music (literally) still in her.  She had a dream and a passion not to mention a wonderful talent and no matter who doubted her or was rooting for her to fail she had a song that was deep within her that just had to get out.  The song that day was “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables.  Now honestly I have no doubt in my mind that even if they had not asked her to continue on Susan Boyle would have been able to walk away that day feeling pretty amazing and that is because she sang the song that was in her and she was able to share that song with the world.  Bottom line more than money or fame her passion was to use the talent she was blessed with and share her beautiful voice with the world.

    As you watch the video take notice right before she even sings there is a beautiful smile that comes across her face it is one of pure joy because she was getting ready to do what she loved.  As soon has the judges and audience hear her voice their jaws drop in aww and the audience immediately changes from a group of people waiting to laugh at her as she made a fool of herself into her biggest fans.

    What is even more amazing is that her song hadn’t even finished and they were giving her a standing ovation.  She then finishes her song and then proceeds to start walking off the stage in total bliss, the judges actually had to call her back to tell her not only were they amazed by her talent but that she would continue on in the contest.  As I mentioned earlier sure she may have cared about winning the contest but deep down the only thing that mattered was her being able to share her song with the world and that is why instead of staying around to listen to what the judges had to say she instead began to walk off the stage because to an extent what they had to say didn’t matter she had sung her song and that is really what she came there to do continuing on with the contest and show was more of a BONUS.

    What came to my mind was the end Leo Tolstoys story The Death Of Ivan Ilyich and as he laid dying in bed with his wife holding his hand he asked,“What if my whole life has been wrong?”can you imagine how horrible of a feeling that would be?  Laying on your bed knowing that the end is near and wondering why you didn’t ask out the woman who sat across from you on the bus everyday on your way to work or why you didn’t take more risk to fulfill YOUR DREAMS, or even why you didn’t take more family vacations with your children who are now grown up and raising kids of their own?

     Fortune favors the bold” – Virgil

     After watching Susan Boyles Britains Got Talent video that I really had no intention of ever watching but somehow I was drawn to it that day,  I made up my mind that I am more determined than ever to make sure that I don’t die with my music still in me and after watching this video I hope that you too will do the same.

    CLICK HERE to watch Susan Boyle’s Britains Got Talent Video then come back and watch this video:


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