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  • Do Not Buy Jani G Auto Traffic Hijack

    Posted on March 6th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Jani G (Please Call The FTC On Me) Himself

    Basically, Auto Traffic Hijack was not a very bad product at all at least with all of his BONUSES that came with the product it was a fairly good product.  If your into Yahoo Answers it definitely sped the process up quite a bit.  However, Jani G whose real name is Jani Ghaffor allegedly scammed the creator of the software I will get into this a bit later.

    Well, not long ago Jani G send me an email as I bought the software to test it out for my mailing list.  (Please note that while I am not huge on the product itself it essentially answers Yahoo Answers questions etc.  and as I said the Bonuses that came with the product all in all were very good.)

    So the email goes like this:

    Hi its Jason & Jani here,

    And sorry for the headline, but
    we wanted to give you a warning.

    There is a scam guy who is threatening
    to email all of our users and members
    to get you to buy the ATH product
    through his own link…claiming that
    he is one of our partners.

    And he is going to ask you to refund
    the current product…and buy it through his
    fake link.

    This is just a warning from us that if you get such
    an email from someone using the names of either:

    John Smith
    Harry max
    Answer Eye

    or anything else…

    Just make sure you don’t fall for his scam.

    As he is out to trick all of our members
    for his own gain.


    Jason, Jani and the support team

    Shortly after I did get the email he was talking about and here is what it said:

    I am John from Answereye.

    Because you are new in our list, so just not sure if you know that we have the best article/content  rewrite/creating software and Free!

    It is better than the best spinner, you can check more detail at and get it freely at


    So I then forwarded this email to Jani G and his staff along with this:


    1.  How did this guy get all of our email addresses from you guys to being with?

    2.  I just got an email from a guy and his name is John from Answereye and I do not remember subscribing to his newsletter that is not to say that I didn’t but I really don’t recall ever doing it.  Here is what he sent, if this is the same guy that you sent your WARNING about then I hope this helps but I still would like the first question answered as well.  Here is what was sent to me:

    I got no response back from Jani G or his staff at Auto Traffic Hijack.

    I was then sent this by the AnswerEye software Creator:

    As promised, here is the Answereye lite version, you can get it free now.

    Please download it at (I am not including the link out of respect for the software creator)

    And then run program to register an account with your email and name, and use (leaving out again for software creator) as paycode.

    We will authorize your license in 24 hours, then you can begin to use it.

    I was intenting to send all users a manual and tips about how to use AE today too, but please forgive me I can’t send it today, because I am receiving so many many emails from ath users in these days, I have to spend many hours to deal with these emails per day now. so the manual I am writting got delay, but please give me 2-3 days, I will send it to you.

    Btw, some users are asking about upgrade to AE pro or elite version with discount, you can get  50% discount at (once again I am not posting the link out of respect for the Software Creator) before March 10.



    Auto Traffic Hijack Scam WARNING: Do Not Buy!!!


    So I then again forwarded the email from above and  sent this email to Jani G at his support email address, that is listed in the support section of his Auto Traffic Hijack site:

    Alright this is going to be the second time I send you guys a forward and a question as well, so hopefully you will answer it this time.  I was sent this today, now if it is true that the software is going to be disabled then I am going to ask for a refund sense I was not given the product I paid for or at least a working product.  However if it is not true you need to let me know that as well, pretty simple so can you please reply back and let me know what is going on.



    Once again I heard nothing back from Jani G or his trusty staff.  So I really didn’t care until his recent release of Get FB Ads Free, and I wondered if the Auto Traffic Hijack software would work or not so I tried it out and sure enough I got a message saying that it was deactivated because Jani G was a scammer blah blah blah.

    Now I have not really used the software since I tested it out but what pissed me off was the fact that Jani G had the balls to send me an email lying about the software going to be deactivated and then not replying to my Support emails whatsoever (yeah that is Jani G’s customer service skills)  So as far as I know that crappy product is still being sold and the license doesn’t even work. So for that reason alone I am writing this up to hopefully keep someone from buying a product that does not work.

    Also this all happened about the 60 day mark from when I bought the ATH software so I most likely will not be able to get the usual Clickbank refund.  So DO NOT BUY Auto Traffic Hijack or ANYTHING from Jani G if you would like to email Jani G and give him a piece of your mind his PRIVATE email address is


    UPDATE as of March 8, 2011


    Jani G just sent this too me, however regardless of his apologies and because of his apparent lack of Customer Service skills I am recommending that you stay away from Auto Traffic Hijack:


    Hi Tim

    Jani here

    I might as well tell the honest truth.

    I want to explain what happened and why you got an email
    from this guy saying ATH is deactivated and why he
    told you to get a refund…

    the guy who made the ATH software, for some reason thought that he
    was not paid the correct money for making the software.

    He waited for me to send him screenshots of how much sales were
    made of the product.

    But yes i got lazy and kept forgetting to send him Screenshots of
    the account.

    It got to a point where he got pissed of, and decided to email ALL

    He emailed members saying that the software is deactivated, and
    saying that i ‘scammed’ him ?

    HOwever i recently sent him a VIDEO proof of me logging into the
    account, to show him that what i paid him was in fact the CORRECT

    He must feel bad now for what he did.

    I am awaiting his reply, and he should be re activating the software

    All i can say is i am sorry for what has happened.

    It was not my intention for any of this to happen.

    I guess sometimes when you have this lifestyle, you get a little
    comfertable and lazy…well i did…a little to lazy…

    And all i can say is sorry guys, i always put the customer first
    and really only wanted you to succeed.

    Please reply with your comments

    Once again, appologies for all of this, I am trying my best to
    resolve it.



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