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  • Discount One Way Backlink Software

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    Discount One Way Backlink Software

    Discount One Way Backlink Software

    Increase Backlinks and Improve Site Traffic

    With Just the Click of a Button!

    You have most likely heard of Off Page SEO, which is has a lot to do with building backliinks to your websites.  One of the well known shortcuts, is to use stat sites or sites that analyze your site which in turn gives you FREE backlinks.  This helps to create LINK DIVERSITY.

    The problem however is that creating backlinks in this way can be quite tedious, as you will have to SEARCH and VISIT each of the stat sites and then enter your website etc. Doing this with just 1 site can be a pain but for those like myself who own multiple websites (Personally I own over 100 websites) you will spend hours upon hours entering this information in there.

    Because of the fact that these backlinks can be beneficial to improving your overall SEO ranking yet so time consuming, I decided to create a PUSH BUTTON software that will create these backlinks.  Which I am now offer at a VERY LOW DISCOUNT to you for…

    Just $12. 

    Not only that but I am going to REVEAL a place where you can also get HIGH PR backlinks to your websites for a VERY LOW price, which when combined with my Discount Backlink Software will send your websites skyrocketing to the first page and FAST!

    There are people offering stat site submitting services for $10 or more.  Instead of spending your money to get these backlinks you can now use my Discount Backlink Software to get these same backlinks and then invest in High PR Backlinks (From my SECRET BACKLINK SOURCE) and get even better SEO results.

    My Discount Backlink Software even allows you to create a Report on which sites your website has been submitted to.  This means that you can offer Backlinking Services on Fiverr and then simply enter in your buyers information and click a button, then wait for your software to work its magic.  Then generate a report Upload it to Fiverr and you have just made an easy $5 for literally pushing a button.


    Discount Backlink Software Features:

      Submit your site to popular stats sites
        Control the number of sites to be submitted
        Control the delay of submission for each sites
        Generate a report in txt file
        Add your own stats sites
        Delete your stats sites
        Pause/Resume the process whenever you want
        Get your sites indexed in Google faster
        Over 4k Stat sites and increasing

    And many more…

    PLEASE NOTE: This have not been tested on Mac OS

    Now your probably wondering what the plugin is,

    “This WordPress Plugin Will Practically FORCE Visitors To Buy Through YOUR Clickbank Affiliate Link…”

    This is the perfect plugin to use on Google “Sniper” sites or Clickbank product review blogs….

    It seems like everyone and their mother is selling a course on how to use WordPress blogs to promote Clickbank products.

    But there’s a reason for that, it’s no secret, Google loves WordPress.

    Any Internet marketing newbie can build these blogs, and combined with some common SEO plugins, can achieve high rankings in Google for the keywords their blog is targeting.

    Typically these keywords contain the Clickbank products name and commonly used search terms such as “bonus”, “review”, “scam”, and so on…

    But what happens when the person actually gets to your blog and starts reading the content?

    How do you actually make money with these things?

    The person visiting your blog must click on your affiliate link and buy the product.

    Sounds simple enough…

    But What If The Person Never Clicks On Your Affiliate Link?

    Instead they go to Google and conduct a search for the product…

    They find the vendors sales page… THEN buy the product.

    You’re out that commssion… no money for you… better luck next time.

    All the work you did crafting your presell post…

    All the time you spent building backlinks and writing articles has just been wasted.

    You may think, “that’s not a big deal… what’s a $30 commission”?

    I’ll “get” the next person that comes to my blog…

    But what if this keeps happening over and over again… without you even knowing it?

    You probably WON’T know it… it’s probably happening right now.

    I don’t have to tell you, those $30 commissions really start to add up…

    Especially when your blog starts receiving some steady traffic.

    How much money are you leaving on the table?

    The simple solution to solving this problem?

    Get Credit For Sales Without The Person Ever Clicking On Your Affiliate Link… They Just Have To Visit Your Blog…

    That is where this plugin comes in all you have to do is:

    1.UPLOAD the plugin and then activate on your WordPress blog.

    2. Under the Settings heading of the left hand side of the
    dashboard screen click on the plugin link.

    3. Copy and paste your Clickbank ID of the product that you are
    promoting and then select either a post or page from your WordPress
    blog where you would like the link to be “secretly” embedded in the
    visitors browser.

    4. That’s it now anytime a person visits that particular page or
    post on your site, your Clickbank affiliate id will automatically
    become embedded in their browser.

    All this for only $12.00

    Enjoy… And go make some money!

    Tim Nesbitt (The Real Underground Affiliate)


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