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  • Detailed Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Review For Warrior Forum Members

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    This is my review of Imran Naseems Fanpage Dollars 3.0 AFFILIATE LINK FREE for Warrior Forum members!

    There is no doubt that Facebook is HUGE! Here are some facts that will show exactly how big Facebook has gotten just in case you have any doubt of how much potential there is too make money on Facebook.

    Facebook Facts:

    • 1 in every 13 people on Earth is on Facebook
    • 35+ demographic represents more than 30% of the entire user base
    • 71.2 % of all USA internet users are on Facebook
    • In 20 minutes 1,000,000 links are shared on Facebook
    • 48% of 18 to 34 year olds check Facebook right when they wake up
    • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day

    Now the problem is creating a Facebook Profile and even a Facebook Fanpage is fairly simple.  Because of this most internet marketers are going to try and create a Facebook Fanpage, however most of them are going to make very little money if any at all.  This is because most internet marketers do not know EXACTLY how to set up a profitable Facebook Fanpage.

    Well internet marketer Imran Naseem is going to be releasing Fanpage Dollars 3.0 and if you have failed to make money with Facebook then you may want to try Facebook Fanpage 3.0 out, because Imran doesn’t just understand how to make money on Facebook in theory he has been doing it now for several years.

    Now let’s get into what you will get when you purchase Fanpage Dollars 3.0

    Fanpage Dollars Guide – Now it says in the Members are that the guide has 100+ pages. However the copy I have only has 62 pages so it could be that Imran Naseem has decided to cut out some of the fluff in the ebook or they may be adding even more content as I am looking at it before launch.

    The Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Guide consist of 5 Modules, they are:

    Module 1 – Creating your Facebook page
    Module 2 – Monetising your Facebook page
    Module 3 – Driving Traffic to your Facebook Page
    Module 4 – Making money from your Fanpage
    Module 5 – Outsourcing your Fanpages on Autopilot

    All of the Modules are step-by-step and very detailed.

    A zipped file of Iframe Templates: Pretty self explanatory

    20 Video’s:

    I have no doubt in my mind that anyone who watches these video’s and applies what they learn will be able to FINALLY BE ABLE TO MAKE MONEY WITH FACEBOOK!

    Here is a list of each of the Video’s:

    Video 1 – Getting Started
    Video 2 – Niche Research
    Video 3 – Fanpage Creation
    Video 4 – The New Facebook Fanpage Layout
    Video 5 – Power of Fanpage Images
    Video 6 – Fanpage Settings
    Video 7 – Fanpage SEO Secrets 3.0
    Video 8 – Fanpage Insight Secrets 3.0
    Video 9 – How to create a high converting landing page in 5 minutes!
    Video 10 – Creating a high converting opt in page
    Video 11 – Monetising Your Facebook Fanpage with content
    Video 12 – Driving Targeted traffic to your Facebook page
    Video 13 – How to drive cheap targeted traffic to your Facebook pages for Pennies!
    Video 14 – Result Of My Campaigns
    Video 15 – How to use the power of trend marketing and create Fanpages that generate 500 likes in 24 hours!
    Video 16 – How to get more interaction from your Fanpages
    Video 17 – How to make $50 a day on Complete Autopilot using FB Pages!
    Video 18 – How to set up an entire store on your Facebook Page
    Video 19 – How to sell PLR stuff on your Facebook Page
    Video 20 – How to set up triple streams of income on your Facebook Fanpage

    In addition to all of this content Imran Naseem is also including some pretty cool BONUSES and unlike a lot of the internet marketers out there who seem to be under the impression that including an OFFER to you for you too BUY through their AFFILIATE LINK of another recently launched IM product, Imran is actually giving you some TRUE BONUSES!

    Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Bonuses:

    Affiliate Espionage: Find Out Whats Selling

    Advance Copy And Click Fan Pages Including Easy Hidden Pages!

    Using Facebook To Run An Affiliate Program And Making It Go Viral!

    Advanced 1 Click List Building

    Now I have to be honest I have not personally been able to look over these BONUSES as I was able to get an early look at Fanpage Dollars 3.0 before its launch.  However Imran has assured me that these BONUS Reports will be up to his HIGH STANDARDS and will also include Video as well.

    Personally as I mentioned earlier while creating a Facebook Fanpage is fairly easy being able to create a profitable Facebook Fanpage is not UNLESS you have PROVEN step by step system that shows you exactly how to do it.  In my opinion Fanpage Dollars 3.0 will show you this.

    Facebook is just to BIG too ignore these days so if you are not already trying to promote Affiliate or CPA offers on Facebook then you definitely are missing out on making EASY MONEY! However if you think it is just as easy as setting up a Fanpage and then getting tons of fans of whatever niche your in purchasing from you or signing up for your CPA offers you are mistaken.  Now I will admit that I was able to set up a Fanpage in the past not really even knowing what I was doing and I did make quite a bit of money with it however trust me that is the exception and not the rule.

    With several of the so called “Guru’s” launching all kinds of WORTHLESS products such as Jani G’s Get FB Ads Free (please note that is a misnomer) and softwares that answer Yahoo Answers question it is nice to see a reputable internet marketer like Imran Naseem releasing a product like this that OVERDELIVERS!

    I would also like to add in that Imran Naseem is a CLASS ACT here is how much he cares about his customers, when an IM friend of his Jani G released what is considered by many to be ONE OF THE WORST IM PRODUCTS EVER called “Get FB Ads Free” Imran refused to promote it and even went so far as to tell his customers not only was he not going to promote this WORTHLESS product but that if they got emails from other so called “Guru’s” who apparently care more about making a COMMISSION off of promoting a horrible IM product than they do about their customers wasting their hard earned money on it, NOT TO BUY “Get FB Ads Free”

    Because of the fact that Imran cared more about his customers than getting a COMMISSION for promoting his friends product he was shunned by Jani G and his friend Stevie J!  Needless to say Jani G and several other friends of his will not be promoting Fanpage Dollars 3.0 which is going to cost Imran even more money.

    On top of actually CARING ABOUT HIS CUSTOMERS, Imran Naseem is also going to be donating a portion of his profits to CHARITY!  So not only will you learn how to actually MAKE MONEY WITH FACEBOOK, you will also be able to THUMB your nose at the so called “Guru’s ” by helping Imran succeed despite them refusing to promote his product, and give to a charity as well!

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