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  • Darren Scott Monroe’s PLR Makeover Master Edition Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on August 27th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Darren Scott Monroe’s PLR Makeover Warrior Special Offer if you would like to see this WSO CLICK HERE!

    Darren Scott Monroe’s PLR Makeover Warrior Special Offer Review

    Darren Scott Monroe's PLR Makeover WSO Review

    I have said before and I will say it again Darren Scott Monroe is a class act who only delivers the VERY BEST!  Now before Darren even released his PLR Markevoer WSO I knew it was going to be good based off of his previous Warrior Special Offers but I didn’t know he was going to over deliver this much!

    Seriously he is only charging $7 and you get a MASSIVE amount of content for that price!  Now since there is so much content in this WSO I may have to leave out some of the details so that I can keep this review fairly brief.

    The MAIN portion of this Darren Scott Monroe’s PLR Makeover WSO is 13 High quality video’s of Darren Monroe showing how you can take PLR or Private Label Rights products and then ReBrand them and make them your own which you can then profit from.

    What is cool is that Darren Scott Monroe has an AMAZING energy about him that makes your watching the video’s fun and he gives you an overall positive and uplifting experience where after watching the video’s you are going to be motivated to start TAKING ACTION yourself and start implementing what you watch Darren Scott Monroe doing!

    If you start TAKING ACTION you have actually won half the battle because the reason most people don’t succeed online is because they don’t take action and if they do they will often times only do it briefly.  Trust me when you are watching the video’s you are going to be excited to get started with a Rebranding PLR project just like Darren shows you how to do it!

    Not only does he show how to Rebrand PLR products and make them your own he shows you how to Repurpose the products which essentially means he will show you how to take a book and make it into a video and a video into a  book etc.

    Here is just a small Sample of some of the video’s:

    • How to brand graphics
    • Editing Video’s
    • Editing A Salespage to WordPress and Customizing it
    • Customizing Bonus Offers
    • Pricing
    • and he even includes a Case Study as well as a PDF Mindmap!

    Then he has included some AMAZING BONUSES here they are:

    • Steve Doughertys YOUR PLR Makeover + RESELL RIGHTS
    • SECRET SURPRISE Justin Popovic PLR Interview
    • John Rhodes / Jay Boyer 1# Selling WSO Plug and Play PLR – This alone is worth the price he is charging for this WSO!
    • LIMITED BONUS: Which is going away soon Maria Gudelis Booyaa Backend Dollars System! This is not avaible anywhere to the public!
    • EXCLUSIVE: Jason Fladlien Reveals PLR like no one else! Private interview VERY DETAILED.

    As you can probably tell Darren Scott Monroe’s PLR Makeover Masters Edition is worth way more than he is charging and I highly recommend this product even if you think you are not going to need it trust me GET IT because once you start watching the video’s you are going to be excited and ready to get started making money  by Rebranding PLR and making it your own.

    Trust me you are never going to look at PLR the same way again. 

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