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  • Dan Lew and James Sides Backlink Skyrocket Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on March 4th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Dan Lew and James Sides Backlink Skyrocket Warrior Special Offer Review

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    Dan Lew and James Sides Backlink Skyrocket Warrior Special Offer Review

    The SEO game is always changing that is for sure but something that is always going to be important for your site to have is BACKLINKS.  At the moment they do not seem to be near as important as they were a year or two ago but trust me on this they still do matter and you should definitely be building them to your sites one way or another.

    Personally I outsource most of my backlinks and the guy that I outsource them to is well worth every penny I spend.  However not everyone can afford to do this and that often means you are going to have to build backlinks yourself which is definitely time consuming.  TRUST ME I know all about this because that is exactly what I had to do when I first got started and I even purchased a software that basically let me put all of the information that I would need when filling out Forum forms and anything else that you would need to do when building backlinks so that all I would have to do is click on a button and then it would automatically Copy the portion of content that I needed and then Paste it.

    But even with that helping me to speed the process up it was still VERY TIME CONSUMING and basically not a whole lot of fun to do.  So while some of you may still have to take that route I would suggest trying to find other ways to save you some time and that is where Dan Lew and James Sides Backlink Skyrocket Warrior Special Offer comes in:

    Basically this is going to make your job of building backlinks to your website VERY EASY and certainly much easier that it was for me when I first got started and the BEST part about this is that what you are going to do is find out what backlinks your competitors have that are best helping them rank well and then you are going to be able to go get those same backlinks and then even better ones to help you rank just as well as them or EVEN BETTER.

    The concept is genius I wish that I had a software like this when I first got started as an internet marketer.  Something else that I like about the Backlink Skyrocket Warrior Special Offer is that you can easily make money by offering your backlink services to other internet marketers or even small businesses.

    Now most internet marketers understand how important backlinks are so it really won’t take much selling to get them to buy your services but a small business owner is not going to have a clue as to why he should purchase your backlink services so let me give you some tips as to how I would approach these owners.

    Basically I would either contact them via email, letter, or phone call and if you are nervous about cold calling a business owner then I would suggest you do just that.  Why? You ask, well get out of your comfort zone. Seriously face your fears and do it anyway, and then you will see that it isn’t as big of deal as you thought it was to begin with.

    Alright now back to contacting the business owner using whichever method you decide upon.  Now if you email them basically I would mention that you own an SEO company and that you are trying to expand your services within their area and that you will give them a FREE Trial of your backlink services to help their website rank above their competitors.  You then provide a VERY BRIEF PDF report that explains SEO and how important backlinks are in order for sites to rank well within the search engines.

    If they then decide to retain your services they can set up a payment via Paypal that will be billed monthly and you will then send them a Report as to the backlinks that you built for them as well as how well their site is moving up for various keyword terms that they are wanting to rank for.

    Now what you can eventually do is start offering them more and more offline marketing services as time goes on such as running their Social Media sites, installing an Autoresponder for them, etc.  If you are wanting to learn more about starting and running a successful offline marketing  business then I highly recommend checking out the following Offline Marketing products:

    Maps Magic Insiders Local Marketing Course – This is the BEST product I have seen on how to make money selling your online services to local businesses. Seriously this is a COMPLETE Business In A Box and if you are wanting to get started in the offline marketing niche then this is a MUST HAVE as you will not find a better product for this low of a price.

    Fast Attack Underground – I highly recommend anything from the Fast Attack brand and this is no different, inside this Warrior Special Offer you’ll learn how to tap into an UNLIMITED source of ‘Offline’ clients who will pay high dollar for your services.  If you are on a VERY TIGHT budget and can’t afford the Maps Magic Insiders Local Marketing Course then this is definitely well worth checking out.

    Fast Attack Offline – This is yet another affordable WSO that will show you how to land clients and what services that you can offer to them, either of the 2 Fast Attack WSO’s are definitely well worth buying if you can’t afford the first one mentioned.

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