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  • Dan Lew and Bertranddo’s Kindle Renegade Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on September 18th, 2012 Tim No comments

    Top WSO"Earn Money FAST Using .X. Fast Path To Cash Warrior Special Offer!

    Dan Lew and Bertranddo’s Kindle Renegade Warrior Special Offer Review

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    Dan Lew and Bertranddo’s Kindle Renegade Warrior Special Offer Review!

    If you are not already utilizing the AMAZING power of Amazon Kindle then you have no idea how much money you are missing out on.  Now there are several different ways you can be earning money some of which are just plain and simply the sales you could be making and then there are the leads you could be collecting that you will eventually make sales too.

    Now here is the thing one of the BIGGEST problems is being able to create a HIGH QUALITY cover that is going to set you apart from the rest of the competition.  Just admit it and I am guilty of it too…  We judge a book or in this case a Kindle Ebook by its cover.  Seriously I use a Nook personally but I have often times purchased a book simply because it has a nice cover which in turn makes me think,“Hey if they can put together a high quality cover then I must be getting a high dollar product.”  Sometimes I am right and other times I am wrong.

    Now even if you don’t have a clue where to start on making money by putting your books on Amazon Kindle you should still consider buying this WSO because…

    The BONUSES will show you EXACTLY how to do that!  Here are some of the BONUSES that you will also get with this Dan Lew and Bertranddo’s Kindle Renegade Warrior Special Offer.


    • Kindle Commission Explosion – This REVEALS unique tricks and secrets on how to make cash with Kindle
    • Kindlers List– Is a very good resource on making money with Kindle, learning the tricks to the trade.
    • Kindle Cash Cow – Within this report you will learn EXACTLY how to milk the Kindle Cash Cow!
    • Kindle Clone Method – Yet another Kindle ebook that will once again assure that you are going to have Kindle success.


    Now aside from that you are also going to get TRAINING on everything ranging from how to use the software to how to format your Kindle ebooks etc.  Now let me say this the software is so easy to use that you pretty much won’t even need the training but you may learn something from it so definitely make sure to check it out, but just don’t think that this software is going to be real complex to use because it isn’t.

    Something else that I would like to add is that if you decide not to get this you are either going to need Photoshop which cost waaaay more than this or GIMP which is FREE but it can be a bit of a pain in the rear to use and the quality is not near as good as you will get with this software and the best part is you can literally make a cover within minutes.

    Here is an actual cover I just designed in about 5 minutes.  I have some meditation ebooks out there but none of them by this name although I may just keep the design and change the Author Name and the Ebooks name and actually use it myself.

    Here is my Meditation Kindle Cover

    And here is an actual Kindle book on Meditation with 45 Reviews (So yes these things sell) and look at the difference in quality. Imagine wanting to learn meditation and you come across each of these books which one looks like the better ebook by the cover alone.  PLEASE NOTE – I would probably want to change my name to a Pen Name like Ihi Tsaizen, I just used a Random Name Generator for that so its not perfect but you get the idea.

    So if you have been wanting to make money with Kindle then the Kindle Renegade Warrior Special Offer is a MUST BUY because of the diffence this software is going to make in saving you time as well as increasing your sales not to mention the amazing training you will get on how to make money by publishing on Amazon Kindle.

    Because of the fact that this is a TRUE Game Changer that will REVOLUTIONIZE the way you make money on Amazong I have decided to this my WSO Deal Of The Week award!


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