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  • Craig Mako’s Fast Attack Locker WP Plugin Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on October 1st, 2011 Tim No comments

    Top WSOIt's OFFICIAL the Rich Jerk 2.0 has my Vote for the BEST Internet Marketing Product of 2016!

    This is a review of Craig Mako and The Plugin Guy Fast Attack Locker WP Plugin Warrior Special Offer if you would like to see this WSO CLICK HERE!

    Craig Mako and The Plugin Guy Fast Attack Locker WP Plugin Warrior Special Offer Review

    Fast Attack Locker WP Plugin Warrior Special Offer Review

    Craig Mako is one of the few internet marketers that when I see he has something for sale I just hit the BUY BUTTON without even reading his sales letter!  You probably think I am exaggerating but I am being totally honest!  There is a reason for that and it is because he has and continues to over deliver with just about every product he puts out.

    So as soon as I saw his offer for the Fast Attack Locker WP Plugin I purchased and then check out what I was getting installed it on a few of my sites and then went and told my list about this Warrior Special Offer so that they could get their hands on this as well.

    The reason that I am so excited about Craig Mako’s Fast Attack Locker Warrior Special Offer is that part of being successful in any business but especially in the internet marketing business is being able to spot changes and trends before they occur and then adapting to those changes before others do so that you can get an edge on your competition.

    It wasn’t very long ago that when I first got started in internet marketing that Myspace was the place to be and I focused a lot of my efforts on utilizing the popularity of Myspace to help market some of my websites.  Now sure I had heard of Facebook but I really payed very little attention to it that is until I started noticing several of my friends putting out post like,” Hey sorry if I haven’t been on here much lately I am mostly on Facebook these days so if you want to get a hold of me just friend me over there!”.  

    Heck do you remember how big of a deal it was when someone removed one of their friends from their list of TOP FRIENDS over at Myspace.  But then Facebook came along and pretty much took over the social media crowd and now it is looking like Google is about to school Facebook with their NEW Google Plus and Google +1 concepts.  

    Now if you are not familiar with Google +1 think of it as kind of like your Facebook Like Button except it is most likely going to be way more powerful in the near future especially as the Google Plus network continues to grow and that is where it is so important that you utilize a plugin like Craig Mako’s Fast Attack Locker WSO ahead of your competition.

    Okay now that I have covered why it is so important to be able to spot changes in the world so that you can start capitalizing on them before others do and in turn have an edge on your competition, as well as how powerful the Google Plus changes are going to be in affecting how people search for and find websites, I think it is also important to explain what this plugin does for you and how easy it is to get started using it.

    Here is what Craig Mako’s Fast Attack Locker Warrior Special Offer plugin does:

    Let’s say you were to create a website about WEIGHT LOSS!  So you then post an article on some ways to burn fat etc. at the end of the article you could then put something like,”While these tips are very effective in helping you burn fat fast, I have developed an even more POWERFUL SYSTEM that will increase your metabolism even more!”

    Then have something like CLICK ON THE Google +1 or Tweet buttons and get access to this ebook Right Away NO SIGNUP REQUIRED!

    Obviously the majority of people are going to be more than willing to either +1 or Tweet real quick to get access to your ebook, video, or whatever other content you choose to utilize!  If you do an ebook I would then recommend that you obviously put some affiliate links in there or better yet refer them to a Squeeze Page of some sorts to learn even more information etc.

    I can tell you this I give away plenty of FREE ebooks not only on this site but several of my others within various niches and I am most likely going to start using this plugin to have people +1 or Tweet to get access to them sometime here in the near future.  I hope that you are starting to see how powerful this is both from a SEO stand point as well as potentially making your website go viral which is very realistic depending on what you have behind that +1 or Tweet Me Button!

    Alright first of all the Fast Attack Locker WP Plugin installs pretty much like any other WP plugin you click on your plugins and then select to upload and then find the zipped WP Fast Attack Locker plugin and upload it and Activate it and you are pretty much ready to go.

    Now Craig Mako’s Fast Attack Locker plugin WSO comes with a 15 page PDF Ebook that will explain how to upload the plugin and get started with it as well but I might as well share how simple it is for those who may be on the fence because they think it may be complicated or hard to use and it most definitely isn’t!

    Okay so once it is uploaded and activated you are then going to notice on your left hand side bar where it says WP Viral Attack you then click on that and then Create a Campaign name.

    Now once you have done that you then decide how you want people to unlock the rest of your content.  You can choose Google +1, for them to Tweet about it, or for them to do BOTH!  PLEASE NOTE: If you choose the BOTH option people can either choose to Google +1 about it or to Tweet about it to unlock the content they do not have to do both.

    Alright now that you have done that you will then enter in the content that you want to be revealed once they have either Google +1 or Tweeted about your site!  Once they have done that the content is immediately revealed and everyone is happy!

    Also as if Criag Mako’s Fast Attack Locker WP Plugin Warrior Special Offer wasn’t cool enough he is also throwing in an AWESOME BONUS of 10 Pre Done Call To Action Buttons!  So obviously I highly recommend that you get Craig Mako’s Fast Attack Locker WP Plugin and start utilizing it to start driving traffic to your websites and offers!

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