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    Posted on July 27th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Craig Kaye’s Commission Black Ops software if you are looking for the Official site it is located here:



    Craig Kaye’s Commission Black Ops Review

    Craig Kaye's Commission Black Ops Review Warrior Forum

    When I heard Craig Kaye was creating a new product I was excited because I have personally learned a lot from him.  If you are not familiar with him he created a product called Info Product Killer a while ago that was excellent!  Then I saw Commission Black Ops and I was initially a bit disappointed but after actually going through it a bit more I can now say I actually like it.

    Essentially Commission Black Ops is a software that allows youto build a full functioning website within a matter of minutes.

    Now what this software does is basically Install a WordPress blog on your website.  It then will find products that you can market to your niche and it then post these ads to your site.

    Another feature of Craig Kaye’s Commission Black Ops software is that it will post articles as well as video’s to your website automatically.  It also is able to make that content so that it appears unique to the search engines.

    The feature that I like the best is that it also will create backlinks to your site because it has a Profile Backlink Builder that will sign you up on forums so that you can have backlinks coming in to your sites.  You can also use an Auto Captcha feature to avoid having to enter in the annoying captcha’s that will come up when you signn up for forums etc.

    Commission Black Ops also comes with 105 Training video’s that cover things from the most BASIC internet marketing topics such as SEO, buying a domain, email marketing, etc.

    Pro’s :

    • This software pretty much automates the whole site creation process
    • You can build backlinks with this software which we all know how important that is
    • This product comes with plenty of training


    • It comes with so much training that it can kind of be almost information overload for someone who is new to internet marketing.
    • The training covers a lot of the basics that most intermediate to advanced internet marketers will be more than familiar with (PLEASE NOTE: I am not saying this is a bad thing because it is somewhat the nature of the beast!)
    • There are other softwares out there that are similar to this


    As I mentioned before initially I was disappointed with this product and perhaps that is because I was just expecting to much from Craig Kaye but overall this is a decent product. It is certainly not the first product I would recommend to someone who is an internet marketing newbie but I could certainly see the usefulness of Commission Black Ops  and how it could save quite a bit of time.

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