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  • Corey Friedman’s Kindle Content Miracle Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on January 6th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Corey Friedman’s Kindle Content Miracle Warrior Special Offer Review


    Corey Friedman's Kindle Cash On Steroids WSO

    Here is something interesting, well according to the statistics from Yahoo, ebooks are projected to have a 4 times increase in ebook sales during the next 2 years!  Not only that but Amazon has announced that ebooks sales have now surpassed print books sales, now hearing this should excite you because get this there are 8 million print books on Amazon yet there are only 850,000 ebooks on Amazon.  Think about it that is 1/10 of the competition that you would have with print books not to mention all of the niches that most likely have very little to no competition within them.

    Now this is slightly off subject but to show how powerful the whole ebook trend is I was talking to a friend about what I am going to show you in a second and he said a friend of his wifes had put an ebook up on Barnes and Nobles Nook (by the way I just got a Nook and it is AWESOME!) okay back too what I was saying, my friends wifes friend had put an ebook for sale on the Nook for something like a $1.49 basically for every sale he would make somewhere around a $1.00 and Barnes and Noble would keep about .49 cents.  Now that doesn’t seem like a whole lot but in the past 2 months this guy has sold 18,000 copies of his ebook.  Now I think that you can do the math on this one!  I actually plan on slightly modifying what I learned with this WSO and applying it too the Nook as well!

    Anyways I came across a WSO about a month or so ago onhow too make EASY MONEY with Amazon Kindle ebooks an dhow too do it for practically nothing.  Well I am always trying to find ways too increase my streams of passive income so I snatched up this WSO and went too work.  Now all I can say is that this WSO is thorough and will show you exactly what you need to do with a pdf guide as well as several video’s.  So I got to work pretty much as soon as I purchased the WSO and familiarized myself with how to create these Amazon Kindle ebooks and upload them etc. then I outsourced the work as they recommend that you do so that you can produce more of these Kindle ebooks than if you did them yourself and still turn a HUGE profit.

    I even used the exact same place they recommended to find people too outsource too, as well as the exact ad they said too place and within an hour of posting the ad I had already had 6 applicants.  Within 24 hours I had well over 30 applicants to choose from and I then hired someone within about five days and they have been creating about 4 to 5 of these Amazon Kindle books a day for me as soon as they were able to get the hang of how to do it.  If you outsource be patient for the first week or so as they learn how to do it correctly.

    So I am VERY EXCITED to tell you just a little of what you get withCorey Friedmans Kindle Content Miracle Warrior Special Offer

    *How to easily make $100’s per day uploading simple-little pre-written
    books to Amazon Kindle in just minutes! (straight from the master himself)

    *A complete Step-By-Step walkthrough of Kevin’s exact ‘Kindle Cash On
    Steroids’ process (watch him start from scratch and put up a money-making
    Kindle book using his ‘secret’ formula… right before your eyes!)

    *2 killer resourcers for getting 1000’s of PLR (pre-written) ebooks for
    PENNIES! (Upload them all to Kindle and explode your income!)

    *The little-known secret for going from ZERO to $1000’s per-month…
    in just 2-3 months!

    *The KEYWORD secret that will MAKE or BREAK your Kindle Publishing
    Success! (do this wrong and you’ll make NOTHING!)  This makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE!

    AND much more!

    All I can say is that I highly recommend that you check out Corey Friedmans Kindle Content Miracle system, it is worth every penny!

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