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  • Chris Ramsey Internet Marketing Scam

    Posted on June 12th, 2014 Tim No comments

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    Chris Ramsey Internet Marketing Scam

    waste of money

    A while back I came across a software called FB Post Bot, the creator of the software was Chris Ramsey and while I had heard plenty of negative things about his customer service in the past I felt the risk was worth the reward because this software would allow me to reduce my outsourcing on maintain my many Facebook Fanpages.

    The software cost $147 which was really a bargain for all that it did. Basically it allows you to type in a topic such as “fitness” and then all the Fitness fanpages out there will show up and you can select one and then pull content from those pages that you can then schedule and post on your fanpage.

    It also allows you to pull content from Pinterest, Youtube, and Amazon (This feature allowed me to get my moneys worth out of it within the first few days), while the software worked as advertised intitially, however one day I logged on to use it and it wasn’t working.

    I then contacted the support email and got a canned response that they send to everyone who ask for support and really got no support. So I then decided to head on over to the FB Post Bot Facebook Group that he set up for customer support etc.

    And… I found out others were having the same problem. At this point Chris Ramsey was nowhere to be found and all of us were left hanging wondering whether or not the software was going to work again or not.

    Let me first say anytime you’re dealing with technology, you’re going to have some problems whether it be a social media money-down-the-drainwebsite changing their API or just some sort of glitch that comes up in the system and I can totally¬† understand that the software may not always be up and working because of those problems, however as a customer who spent $147 myself and others who spent that money deserve some sort of feedback from the guy behind the product to let us know that he is aware of the problem and that it is being taken care of.

    None of us got the feedback  we deserved and the software continued to not work for several more weeks, then out of the blue Chris Ramsey pops up and informs us that it is back to working.

    However even that was short lived and the software once again stopped working. Now at this point you’d figure that Chris Ramsey would have learned from his mistake of not giving feedback to his customers who were beyond irate and expressed their displeasure with his lack of customer support and overall bad business ethics.

    But once again he totally disappeared from the FB Post Bot Group and left us all hanging. This has now happened several times and eventually he shut down the group altogether. This obviously has made people even more mad because this group was included with the purchase of the software and now it was completely gone.

    Now not only has he taken quite a few people’s $147 for a software and MAJORLY underdelivered, he also scammed one of my IM friends out of $1,000 for FB Coaching which he never delivered on.

    Yes he really did take $1,000 from a friend of mine for FB Coaching and pretty much disappeared. My friend who will remain anonymous was able to get his money back after filing a dispute with Paypal, but it never should have come to that. He either should have delivered on his coaching or given a refund.

    Bottom line if you see a Chris Ramsey product, RUN in the other direction and send an email to whomever recommended his product to you a link to this article and if they continue to send out emails promoting a guy who treats his customers like crap, then you should seriously consider UNSUBSCRIBING from their list, because they clearly don’t care about anything other than earning an affiliate commission.

    But don’t just take my word on his crappy customer service skills, here is what another of Chris Ramseys FB Post Bot customers has to say about his less than stellar customer support.

    fb post bot sucks

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