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    Posted on June 22nd, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review on Passive Profit Portals if you are looking for the Official Passive Profit Portals Site CLICK HERE !




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    Passive Profit Portals Review

    The Passive Profit Portals website shows a BRAND NEW Clickbank account with no earnings and then Chris Freville shows himself refreshing the page after an hour of running his software.  AMAZINGLY he has earned money and then he continues to do this for he next several hours as you watch his sales numbers increase.

    Now here is more likely what he did he built either a small list or took a section of his list and then sent out an email to them with an affiliate link for his new account and then made the video because there is just about no way that the Passive Profit Portals software was able to create these sales.

    Here is what you get when you purchase Passive Profit Portals:

    Start Here (PDF guide) – This is a 4 page guide that basically goes over why you need Passive Profit Portals and what it can do for you etc.

    Passive Profit Portal Guide (PDF guide) – This is essentially an 11 page guide of how to use the Passive Profit Portals plugin.

    Passive Profit Portal (WP plugin) – The Passive Profit Portals plugin itself!  What this plugin does is search for questions and the BEST ANSWER on Yahoo Answers for whatever subject you are searching for.  This is kind of nice but far from anything special.  There are definitely some flaws in this and you have to go through and edit the results it brings back.  For instance I have a House Flipping site that I tested this out on.  So I did a search for something along the lines like “House Flipping” some of the questions that came back with answers to post on my blog were actually pretty good others were something like this “How do I stop myself from FLIPPING out on my friend?”  I kid you not so yeah if you don’t listen to me and decide to get this product then you better use the “Edit Before Posting Option”!

    Universal Portal Builder Guide (PDF guide) – This is a guide to how to use the Universal Portal Builder software.  Which basically scrapes descriptions of Video’s, Blog Post, etc. and then links to them on whatever topics you decide to search for or at least that is all I could figure out what to do with it.

    Universal Portal Builder (Software) – The actual software itself nothing special it could come in handing for finding video’s and articles to add content to your blog but really nothing special and certainly nothing that is going to get you sales like he showed on his the Passive Profit Portals salespage

    Fundamental Blogging Training Videos – These video’s are actually pretty good for someone who is new to internet marketing and blogging!

    Portal Setup Video 1

    Portal Setup Video 2

    Portal Setup Video 3

    It also then claims that more training and further surprise bonuses coming soon!

    Unadvertised Bonuses

    5 x “Everything Completely Done For You” websites, products, sales letters, squeeze pages & affiliates resources pages.

    Value: $1,497 each.

    Total Value: $7,485

    I can assure you this these done for you sites are not worth $1,497 that they claim they are worth but soemone could use these to create their first product sales and make some sales.

    Here is the list of the sites that you get with this Unadvertised Bonus:

    Complete Guide To Affiliate Marketing

    Forex Market Winner

    Your Home Energy System

    Serious Real Estate Wealth

    Easy Natural Weight Loss

    It also includes these Training Video’s which are very good and will help someone use these Already Done Sites effectively and make money with them.  Funny thing is I actually like these better than the Passive Profit Portal product itself.

    Training Video 1: Setup

    Training Video 2: Domain and Hosting

    Training Video 3: Hosting Setup

    Training Video 4: FTP and Filezilla

    Training Video 5: Website Editing

    Training Video 6: Clickbank and Paypal

    Training Video 7: Other Web Pages

    Training Video 8: Upload

    I honestly can’t recommend this product, and if you get an email from a so called “Guru” that does he obviously cares more about making affiliate sales than he does about his list and you should seriously consider hitting the UNSUBSCRIBE button.

    You will make way more money using one of these products Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson’s NEW product Income Entourage, Kelly Felix and Mike Long’s Bring the Fresh, or Extreme Niche Empires.


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