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    Posted on December 3rd, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Charlie Dewitte’s Insiders Hub Review Warrior Forum

    CLICK HERE to see Charlie Dewitte’s Insiders Hub Official Site!


    Charlie Dewitte's Insiders Hub Review Warrior Forum

    I have actually been pretty excited about writing about this for a good week or so as I was able to get an early look into the Members Area of Charlie Dewitte’s Insiders Hub Members Area and I have to say that I am very impressed with what I have seen.

    Now I am writing this review right before it is supposed to launch so I have no clue as to what the sales page is going to say or anything along those lines.  I can tell you however that you will learn a TON of information on how to market the right way.  Some of what he shares is a good portion of internet marketers will be familiar with however at times a lot of what he reveals a lot of internet marketers will be wondering why they never thought of that.

    Take for instance his VERY SNEAKY Ninja Affiliate Goldmine method which is a very cool twist on Launch Hijacking and I can almost guarantee that you have not learned how to do this before.  This is not your typical way of hijacking a product launch and I can assure you that if you have ever tried to hijack a Clickbank product launch and not had much success doing it that you have got to try this as it will definitely make you a lot of sales and you will easily out do the competition.

    Charlie Dewitte also includes a Secret Clickbank Code that you are going to want to use when you do this.  This Ninja method alone is going to make a lot of people who take action with what they learn from this product a lot of money.


    Here are some other things you will learn within Charlie Dewitte’s Insiders Hub Members Area:

    The Youtube Video Player Trick – this VERY cool trick allows you to use a normal YouTube player and transform it into a premium looking video player that auto plays and doesn’t show a control bar!  This is explained in video form and you get the code so you can do this yourself.
    The Ultimate Headline – This is a very simple strategy on how to get the BEST performing headline on your website without having to split test your actual page.

    Facebook Traffic Popper – This shows some very cool ways of sending a flood of viral traffic to your affiliate offers or websites.  He include the Facebook Script that you will want to use so all you have to do is take action and get ready to make some money!

    The Twitter Trick For Fast Cash – This is a very cool way of earning some fast cash from Twitter now I wouldn’t try to build my whole internet marketing business from this method but you definitely could make some extra money doing this and it won’t take you very long at all.

    The Worlds Number 1 Selling Technique – As he says if you implement this technique you will make sales tomorrow!

    Now there is a lot more to the site but obviously I don’t want to have to write about each and every aspect I think you can get the idea though.

    Now I am not sure if this is going to be an upsell or not but as far as I could tell these Marketing Tools are going to be included to anyone who purhases Charlie Dewitte’s Insiders Hub and you are going to love these tools as they are a must for anyone who is wanting to further their internet marketing success.

    • Facebook Fanpage Creator
    • Mobile Website Creator
    • Facebook Graphics – I have included a picture of this so you can get a better idea of what this is.

    • Squeeze Page Creator
    • Video Squeeze Page Creator
    • Premium Graphics
    • Ebook Cover Creator this alone is pretty cool as there are several ways you can use this to make money one you can obviously create your own ORIGINAL ebooks and have a cover that looks professionally done and you can make some additiional money by creating ecovers for other internet marketers on Fiverr.  Once again don’t try and build your whole business around doing that but heck you can make some extra cash for very little work.

    Now there is a section that I would imagine is going to be an Upsell and it is for Premium Downloads here is a Screenshot so you can get a better idea of what that is.  As I mentioned before I was given a Review Copy so I am not quite sure if this is an Upsell or not.

    There is also a Private Forums Section that looks like it has quite a bit of potential in helping internet marketers find JV Partner, talk about upcoming launches, and various other internet marketing topics.

    Pro’s Of Charlie Dewitte’s Insiders Hub –

    • Internet marketing beginners as well as intermediate internet marketers are going to learn a TON of information that they most likely have never been taught before.
    • You will get a lot of scripts and codes that you can use to significantly increase your conversions and traffic.
    • Each section and method that is covered in the Insiders Hub will only take usually no more than a few minutes to learn and can usually be implemented right away to start increasing your traffic, conversions, etc.
    • You will learn several different ways of being able to make money fast as well as in the long term.
    • You will get some very cool internet marketing softwares and tools that are going to make your job as internet marketer much easier.
    • The VERY SNEAKY Ninja Affiliate Goldmine is going to make a lot of affiliate markters some very easy money by just implementing this NINJA technique itself.

    Con’s of Charlie Dewitte’s Insiders Hub –

    • Some of what is covered is only going to internet intermediate and advanced internet marketers as it gets into the subject of Split Testing etc.
    • Not exactly a Step By Step Method of earning money it is more like a lot of cool Internet Marketing Brain Hacks that you can apply to your internet marketing business to get way better results.  While this certainly is not a negative I am listing it as a Con for those who are looking for just 1 system that they can start implementing to start earning money online.  


    Charlie Dewitte’s Insiders Hub is a very cool internet marketing product that just about any internet marketer is going to enjoy as he covers pretty much every internet marketing topic all the way from getting traffic to your site to converting that traffic into sales.

    As I mentioned above this product seems to be mostly internet marketing brain hacks that you can use to tweak your internet marketing business so that you can start getting better results in just about every area.  Not only that but the internet marketing tools that he provides are going to help save alot of internet marketers both time and money in addition to all that you will learn from this product.

    So if you are looking for just one solid system of being able to make money online then this product is most likely not for you however if you are an internet marketer who is looking for various ways of being able to make slight adjustments to your business model so that you can maximize your profits then you should definitely consider getting Charlie Dewitte’s Insiders Hub.

    I would also like to add that if you are currently building Product Launch Sniper Sites you should definitely get this as what he shows in his Insiders Hub is going to make you way more money than doing this the traditional way that has been taught.

    Altogether Charlie Dewitte has done a pretty good job putting this product together and while I am not sure how much he will be charging I think most internet marketers will have no problem whatsoever earning back what they have invested into purchasing Charlie Dewitte’s Insiders Hub by just implementing a portion of what they learn from it.  Especially since most of the Internet Marketing “Guru’s” have been keeping most of this kind of money making information to themselves!

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