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  • Chad Wyatt’s SMS Marketing Plugin Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on August 15th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    SMS Marketing Plugin Warrior Special Offer Review

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    SMS Marketing WordPress Plugin Warrior Special Offer Review

    SMS Marketing is HUGE at the moment but it can be quite a pain though as well.  This is because shortcodes are usually shared and you are distinguised by the “Keyword” you are paying for and like domain names the good ones are rare and can be very expensive!

    Now here is where this Twilio WordPress plugin comes into effect.  You are able to build and manage SMS marketing list using an interface that is like WordPress.  Now here is the catch instead of using a shortcode which is usually shared and you are limited on what keywords you are able to use that would suite your niche or the particular niche you are setting the SMS list up for etc.

    You will have a longcode which is yours and yours alone and it is very inexpensive as well.  Since this is yours you can use any “keyword” you like or that your potential clients would like!  So there is a lot of upside to this the one flaw that I see is this SHORTCODES ARE POPULAR BECAUSE THEY ARE SHORT!  That means they are usually easier to remember and get used instead you will have a long code which may not be remembered as well.  But when you take into consideration that longcodes are like a normal phone number it may not be as confusing as I may be thinking.  I have yet to test this out since it is so new.  So I until I do I can only think of possible problems that might come up.

    However I do think the potential for a longcode being confusing to a potential subscriber may not be any more confusing than it would be to have a weird “Keyword” that they have to send to a shortcode.  Now hopefully this isn’t getting too confusing.

    Overall I like the SMS WordPress Plugin Warrior Special Offer and I see a lot of potential with it.  The price is certainly very affordable and worth trying and the overall setup is pretty easy.  Now if you have yet to do any kind of SMS Marketing here are just a few suggestions on how you can use this to increase sales for your clients!

    It will allow your offline client the ability to reafch their customers whenever they like to tell them about a sale and they can do it in real time.

    They can let customers know that they will be closing early because of bad weather or even staying open longer for the holidays!

    They can deliver tips on topics daily, weekly, or monthly to their customers within the niche.

    You and your offline client are really only limited by your imagination on creative ways to use SMS Marketing.  So if you have yet to start doing SMS Marketing or are thinking about suggestioning it to a client you should seriously think about getting the SMS Marketing Plugin WSO as it will be a much more affordable option to get started with and to see whether or not SMS Marketing is for you or your offline clients!

    This Warrior Special Offer gives pretty much everything that you are going to need to get started and I am certainly looking forward to trying this out myself!

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