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  • Increase You Online Income With Email Marketing

    Posted on July 7th, 2013 Tim No comments

    Top WSOIt's OFFICIAL the Rich Jerk 2.0 has my Vote for the BEST Internet Marketing Product of 2016!

    Increase You Online Income With Email Marketing

    Make Money Online With Email Marketing

    Make Money Online With Email Marketing

    One of the best decisions I have ever made as an internet marketer is building myself a targeted list. It something that I do every niche that I am in and in every last niche it makes me a lot of money.

    However, there was a point and time where I foolishly believed it was just a waste of my money and that it wouldn’t make that much of a difference, but the fact of the matter is my being stubborn about building a list cost me quite a bit of money in the long run of things.  I honestly can’t stress how powerful having a TARGETED MAILING LIST is.  You literally can make money with the push of a button (The SEND BUTTON of course) and research has shown it is by far the BEST way to make sales online.

    So trust me when I say the VERY first thing you should do when getting into a niche, is to start building yourself a list and you can do this via several different ways.  My personal recommendation for doing this is via SEO… From my personal experience those that I have acquired on my list that have come in through ORGANIC TRAFFIC (Usually from SEO) have made me way more money than any other resource I have used to build my list.

    If you have no idea about SEO then there is no better course on the market than Bring The Fresh and trust me this product is one of the best internet marketing products on the market in general.  Another good way to start building your list is via PPC and if you are on a tight budget I highly recommend you just focus on SEO and once you start growing your list that way, then start putting  a portion of your earnings toward PPC Marketing (Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.) and Solo Ads.

    Once you start getting a list built up no matter how small or large it is, you are going to need to build a relationship with your list so that they actually stay on your list and more importantly BUY FROM YOU!  This is actually something that is quite simple, but more often than not those who start building a list get it totally wrong and then wonder why their open rates suck and they are not making sales.

    Trust me, this is just as important as actually building your list, because if you don’t make sales from your list then you are wasting your time and efforts.  Three of the best products I have seen on this subject that are both affordable are…

    1. 10 “Street-Smart” Secrets of an Email Marketing Strategist Who Lives and Dies By His Results by Ben Settle

    2. Blue Chip Email Secrets by Ben Settle (This guy knows his stuff and personally subscribe to his Email Players Club Newsletter which is $97 a month)

    3. Jimmy Wrex Wise Old Email Gorilla

    So if you are not already building a list it is definitely time you get started and if you already have a list no matter how small you need to be building a relationship with that list and trust me if you do it right, you will have no problem making plenty of money online.

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  • NEW Facebook Ranking Loophole May Be On The Way

    Posted on June 1st, 2013 Tim No comments

    Top WSO$551.15 profit in less than three weeks? Find out how you can do it too, by following the Lazy Money System!

    NEW Facebook Ranking Loophole May Be On The Way

    facebook_notesWhile SEO is not my main marketing strategy online, it is still how I get a portion of my traffic and how many people who are starting out online get their traffic, so this may be of quite a bit of interest for anyone who is wanting to get some quality traffic via “organic” traffic.

    Facebook wisely is going to turn their “Facebook Notes” section into a full blown cometitor of Tumblr.  So to put this in perspective you may very soon be able to combine the ranking power of Facebook with keyword rich blog post.

    With that said, Facebook still has a long to go before the “notes” section will be a true “blogging platform” but it definitely looks like they have it in the works and it is very realistic to expect it to become a reality sometime here in the very near future.

    So… You should definitely start thinking up some ways that you can capitalize on this early on as not everyone is going to be aware of this, so for a brief time you will be able to get an edge on the competition.

    Here is more on the possible “Facebook Blogging Platform” from TechCrunch.

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  • One Niche You’re Rich

    Posted on April 4th, 2013 Tim No comments

    Top WSOCLICK HERE To Learn Ewen Chia's $5k From Scratch System!

    The Trick To Internet Marketing Success – One Niche You’re Rich

    CLICK HERE to get literally one of the BEST products for making a consistent FULL TIME INCOME ONLINE!

    Niche-Marketing-copy1Have you found yourself wondering why you are overwhelmed? There is so much material on the internet regarding “Internet Marketing”. If a person tries to digest all of it at one time, they will will experience a bad case of online marketing indigestion. This is not a good feeling to have. I have had these feelings before as well.

    The solution to this issue is to narrow your focus on one niche. You see it is much easier to become an expert in one area rather than two or more areas. I have made a decision to devote my time to making money on the internet and within the first 2 years I was earning a FULL TIME INCOME online.

    There are countless ways to make money in this world today. You can make money in real estate, the stock market, by owning your own offline business and in numerous other ways. But the people who really do well in this world financially are known primarily for one thing. Bill Gates in known for Microsoft. Warren Buffett is known as a stock expert. Donald Trump is known for real estate. I am sure that they have other things that they focus on now but they are known as being experts in a certain field. What do you focus on? Many things or one thing? I am willing to bet that if your answer is many you are in a state of internet marketing overwhelm and confusion. Find something you like doing and become an expert at it. The trick is to find something you like doing that is profitable financially. This is the secret to making money online.

    If there is a market for your product, you can sell it – Do a search on Google and see how many results your area of focus will bring up. If you use keywords, you will get better results. The more targeted the results the better. It is easy to develop a product when you are an expert in that area because you know something that your buyers don’t. You are the expert and they are not. They will pay large sums of money to acquire your expertise.

    As marketers we must understand that our time is extremely valuable and the more we focus on too many things, the more time that is wasted. This time could be better spent focusing on one niche. It takes time to learn what your niche market wants. After you learn what they want, give the people what they desire. Really it is as simple as that, there are people looking for solutions to their problems and all you have to do is provide that solution for them and the beauty of it is the more you FOCUS on 1 niche and 1 niche only the more you are going to be looked at as the GO TO EXPERT or AUTHORITY and they will be more than happy to purchase your solution (Usually an information product).

    So use your time wisely and learn what your target market wants. Once you have determined what they want, if you do not already have a product created to meet their needs then you are going to need to create one. Remember what you have learned through your research as to what they want as your blueprint to create an excellent information product.  If you are unsure as to how to go about doing this then I recommend you get one of these 2 products….

    1.  Russ Ruffino’s Money Tree Method Warrior Special Offer – Personally this is one of the BEST product I have seen on the subject of product creation.  The creator of this product (Russ Ruffino) is a former bartender who was able to earn over a million dollars within his first 2 years of internet marketing!

    2.  John Thornhills Product Development Control – This is a TOP NOTCH product as well that walks you through exactly how to create an information product.

    Bottom line your job as the expert is to provide the answers to the questions that your target market is asking. You answer their questions with your products and you will be seen as an expert by them. You can also become qualified as an expert by creating a blog about your niche market. You can have your readers post their questions on your blog. Answer their questions on your blog and they will also begin to view you in a different light. This will prove to them that you care about what they have to say. People buy more easily when they trust the person they are buying from. A blog is a great way to create an atmosphere of trust. You can also build a great deal of rapport with your market in this way as well. You can get to know your market on your blog and they can get to know you. An excellent method to implement to accomplish this is simply to be open with your life.

    You now have a number of concepts to implement in your internet business right now. The key is to go out and do them. You will be greatly rewarded if you do. One niche can indeed make you rich.

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  • Alex Jeffreys The Money Trigger Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on April 4th, 2013 Tim No comments

    Top WSOHalbertology - Everything You Thought You Knew About Marketing Just Changed!

    Alex Jeffreys The Money Trigger Warrior Special Offer Review

    CLICK HERE to see Alex Jeffreys The Money Trigger Warrior Special Offer!

    alex jeffreys money trigger wso reviewOne of the internet marketers that I look up to quite a bit is Alex Jeffreys and anytime that he launches a product I get pretty excited (Yeah I am a nerd) because I ALWAYS seem to learn something new.

    But… Then I was sent over a Review Copy of his latest Warrior Special Offer called The Money Trigger and I was simply blown away.

    Basically here is the story behind The Money Trigger Warrior Special Offer, Alex Jeffreys held a $5,000 workshop in Miami with about 30 people and the LEGENDARY Rich Schefren (Who was also a mentor to Alex Jeffreys) his nickname is “The Guru to the Guru’s” attended to support Alex as well as give a talk.

    Like most workshops there was a Question and Answer session and someone in the crowd asked Rich Schefren this question: “What’s the number one key skill to make money on the internet?”  Rich then proceeded to answer this question and everyone in the rooms jaw dropped!

    This concept “The Money Trigger” was born!  It is the FASTEST way to make online profits PERIOD!

    Now the first thing to understand about this amazing Warrior Special Offer is that while it is going to show you a ROCK SOLID and PROVEN way of pulling in money online it is NOT a get rich quick scheme, it is more like a GET RICH FOREVER kind of concept and it WORKS!

    The reason this WSO is called The Money Trigger is because for every action you take with this it is going to move you towards MONEY!  The problem with being able to do the review on this particular Warrior Special Offer is that it is kind of hard to get into exactly what Alex Jeffreys The Money Trigger is about without giving away some of the details which is obviously not fair to Alex Jeffreys if I was giving away the details of this product away.

    So instead I will try and tell you what you get with this WSO as well as what kind of results you can try to expect from it.  Basically the Money Trigger WSO is a 2 hour video where Alex Jeffreys breaks down into quite a bit of detail EXACTLY how to apply “The Money Trigger” concept to your internet marketing business so that you can get some pretty AMAZING RESULTS and fairly fast as well.

    But don’t think Alex Jeffreys is going to sugar coat anything because in his usual style he tells you exactly how it is and yes it is going to require some work on your part.  What is nice though is that ANYONE be it a newbie or a more experienced internet marketer can learn from this Warrior Special Offer and implement it and get some pretty awesome results.

    I highly recommend that you get out a pen and paper or do as I did while going through this WSO and take notes on your laptops Notepad as you are going to have quite a bit of insights and ideas while going through this Warrior Special Offer (Yes it is that good!).

    Alex Jeffreys The Money Trigger Warrior Special Offer comes with a HUGE Mindmap that is going to help you more easily breakdown and understand every aspect of the “Money Trigger” concept and I personally enjoyed having it to go back through along with my notes that I took.

    Here are the BONUSES that you will also get with The Money Trigger Warrior Special Offer:

    How To Map Out a 6 Figure Business

    Bonus 1: Behind The Scenes In Alex Jeffreys Inner Circle Coaching Program As he shows his Clients How To Build a REAL Internet Business.

    Bonus 2: Three Things You MUST Do To Achieve Success (Behind The Scenes On a VIP Coaching Call)

    Bonus 3: The Guru To The Guru’s, Rich Schefren, Speaking At Alex Jeffreys Inner Circle Event Where Clients Payed Upwards of $5,000 To Be in The Room (TOP SECRET STRATEGIES)

    Bonus 4: Social Infiltrator – Discover How Alex Jeffreyes used a simple blog to make hundreds of thousands of dollars!

    UNANNOUNCED BONUS – Live Coaching Webinar With Alex Jeffreys that is worth 10 times the amount this Warrior Special Offer cost!


    On the live call you will learn…

    – How to quickly and easily BANK BIG online

    – The number 1 secret behind my success

    – How one of my students banked over $20,000 in a couple
    of days implementing just TWO things

    – The secret to finally ridding yourself of information overload

    – How to pick the right niche for you to ensure you’re
    going down the CORRECT PATH

    – How to turn on the traffic tap once and for all giving
    you more visitors to your website than you can handle

    – How to have money dropped in your bank account even
    while you sleep

    – and much more..

    INCLUDING a Live Q and A session with Alex Jeffreys himself!

    Honestly Alex Jeffreys has way OVER DELIVERED with his The Money Trigger Warrior Special Offer and I honestly can’t believe he is offering so much for such a low price.  Don’t think that because this is priced so low that it won’t deliver some massive value to you and your internet marketing business because it really will as long as you implement what you learn.

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  • Internet Marketer Brian Horns Quick Hack Will Get You Featured On CNN

    Posted on March 28th, 2013 Tim No comments

    Top WSOEasily Earn $214 or MORE a day using the Arbitrage Sugardaddy System!

    Brian Horns Quick Hack Will Get You Featured On CNN

    CLICK HERE to learn how to easily create a product of your very own! (It is way easier than you think)

    SeenOnTVOne of the best ways to make more sales is to establish yourself as an authority within your niche. Now there are a couple of ways to be able to establish yourself as an authority in your niche and one of the best ways to do so is to create your very own product that can be sold within your niche.

    If you don’t know how to create your own product then I highly recommend checking out John Thornhills Product Development Control.  It is very affordable and takes you through the step by step process of how to create your very own product.

    Now after you have done that (Or even if you are stubborn and just want to be strictly an affiliate in your niche)then I highly suggest that you brand yourself and establish yourself as an authority on CNN.

    Yes I am talking about the news channel CNN!  Think about being able to put something along the lines of “As seen on CNN on your website or salespage.  Can you imagine how much authority and branding having that on your website will create?

    So now you’re probably wondering how in the world you can get on CNN and my friend Brian Horn has created a short video explaining EXACTLY how you can do that.

    Also… Make sure to check out SEO Guru Brian Horns OFFICIAL Website by CLICKING HERE!

    Watch it below:

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  • Robert Brauer’s The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on March 14th, 2013 Tim No comments

    Top WSO"Earn Money FAST Using .X. Fast Path To Cash Warrior Special Offer!

    Robert Brauer’s The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer Review

    CLICK HERE to see Robert Brauer’s The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer!

    Robert Brauer's The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer Review

    Robert Brauer’s The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer Review

    I have said it time and again that making money online is actually fairly easy once you cut out all of the information overload or trying crappy push button software after crappy push button software only to find out they really won’t make you $19,785.67 in just 26 days.

    However it is really hard to get someone to just FOCUS on one system and one system only.  Trust me, I like most internet marketing beginners did the same thing myself.  I purchased countless products and software’s (Some were good and some just plain sucked)and I like most internet marketers also did a lot of just learning internet marketing “theory” and didn’t really do too much applying it.

    Which is kind of like signing up for a martial arts class and then just showing up and watching the instructor teach the class but not actually getting out there and practicing it yourself and then expecting to be able to defend yourself in a street fight.

    That is why I absolutely love Robert Brauer’s Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer.  Because he literally breaks down each and every aspect of being able to pull in a steady income online and he has set this system up in such a way that you almost have to go through each Lesson of the course and then TAKE ACTION before you can move on to the next portion of the course.

    This means you actually have to learn and apply what you learn rather than buying a the product and skimming through and then just trying to apply a little from it mixed in with a little from another course you bought etc.

    Think of it like this… If you were wanting to learn karate would you show up for class and then watch the teach instruct and then practice some of what he was teaching that day but then sign up for a kick boxing class the next week, and then a Muay Thai class the week after that would you?

    I would certainly hope not because even though each of those systems may be effective it would create a whole lot of confusion on your part and you would never get very good at any of them.  But that is EXACTLY what so many internet marketers who are not making a consistent income online are doing and obviously Robert Brauer who is the REAL DEAL and is actually earning money online took notice of this and he set this system up in such a way, that as long as you are dedicated and go through and apply what he is teaching you are going to absolutely start pulling in a passive online income.

    When you first begin going through the Money Tree Cash System WSO you are most likely going to find that some of what Robert Brauer is Closeup of a young woman using laptop and sitting on white rugteaching is pretty basic and simple however PLEASE DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE what he is teaching because what he reveals actually works.  If you ever watch sports you will often find out that when a team is struggling a coach will very often have the team go back to the fundamentals and then once they get good at those he will then start incrementally start adding in more onto those basics and that is exactly how this system is going to work and trust me once you start progressing through The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer you are going to find that he reveals some AMAZING and very powerful traffic techniques that will really help you increase your online income and conversions.

    But… It all starts with you going through the basics and progressively working yourself up to more advanced techniques.  So if you purchase this Warrior Special Offer I urge you to actually focus on studying this and this ONLY!

    Here is EXACTLY what Robert Brauers The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer consist of:

    Module 1

    Lesson 1: Introduction and course overview
    Lesson 2: The best business model in the world
    Lesson 3: Do you know the #1 job of an internet marketer?
    Lesson 4: The “trick” that can quadruple your income
    Lesson 5: The foundation of your empire
    Lesson 6: Invest $1 to make $44? (here’s how…)
    Lesson 7: Planting your money tree
    Lesson 8: How to turbocharge your website for free
    REQUIRED TO ACCESS LESSON 9: Module checklist
    Module 2

    Lesson 9: Everything you’ve learned about squeeze pages is wrong!
    Lesson 10: All systems go!
    Lesson 11: Not doing this could land you in jail…
    Lesson 12: How to make 4 figures per day from 1 simple strategy
    Lesson 13: Step-by-step to 40% conversion rates (the average is 1%)
    Module 3

    Lesson 14: What type of traffic is the best?
    Lesson 15: The massive free traffic source that has virtually no competition
    Lesson 16: How to make $1,000+ per hour
    Lesson 17: Britney Spears can make you rich
    Lesson 18: 350,000 unique visitors for pennies? (case study inside…)
    Lesson 19: How to get famous (and rich!)
    Lesson 20: The free traffic source that made me my first $100,000
    Lesson 21: The proven strategy to get laser targeted traffic for free
    Lesson 22: Profit from this free tool immediately!
    Lesson 23: How to (ethically) steal traffic from your competitors
    Lesson 24: The undercover traffic strategy
    Lesson 25: Free traffic with the push of a button
    REQUIRED TO ACCESS LESSON 26: Common questions answered
    Module 4

    Lesson 26: How to “tame the bucking bronco”
    Lesson 27: Increase sales 20x using this free website
    Lesson 28: I’m bringin’ sexy back!
    Lesson 29: 6 clever ways to increase your traffic almost instantly
    Lesson 30: The untapped traffic goldmine (1 of my favorites in 2013!)
    Lesson 31: All 6, 7, and 8 figure marketers do this religiously
    Lesson 32: How to get 100 clicks for 10 cents
    Lesson 33: Master this traffic source and you’ll never worry about traffic again
    Lesson 34: Dirt cheap, converting clicks from…
    Lesson 35: The largest, oldest, and most stable traffic source online?
    Lesson 36: You asked for it – here’s my #1 favorite type of traffic! (bonus guide inside)
    Bonus Modules (Advanced Tactics)

    Bonus 1: The step-by-step system to create your own million dollar product
    Bonus 2: How to instantly double or triple your profits
    Bonus 3: The system that took Igor from broke to $20,000+ per month
    Bonus 4: A near foolproof system for making money in 48 hours or less
    Bonus 5: The proven copywriting formula
    Bonus 6: Use these 11 piercingly effective persuasion hacks immediately!
    Bonus 7: Is a 4 hour work week really possible?
    Bonus 8: Simple steps to triple productivity and eliminate stress
    Bonus 9: The BIG list of traffic sources!


    You can Mastermind with other internet marketers as well as Robert Brauer and get help with anything you are struggling with or even just find inspiration and motivation from other internet marketers who are having success and hopefully you will be doing some inspiring as well.  Bottom line it is nice to have a Private Facebook Group like Robert Brauer has created for this Warrior Special Offer and if you utilize it I have know doubt that it is going to help you immensely!


    Honestly I think you will agree that Robert Brauer has OVER DELIVERED with this Warrior Special Offer and hopefully you will actually BUY and APPLY what you learn from this WSO as I have no doubt that if you do, you will easily be able to start pulling in a part time to full time income online.

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  • Internet Marketer Mario Browns Inspiring Rags To Riches Life Story

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    Top WSOHalbertology - Everything You Thought You Knew About Marketing Just Changed!

    Internet Marker Mario Browns Inspiring Rags To Riches Life Story!

    CLICK HERE To Learn How To Start Earning $1,000 A Day (FREE!)

    create your own productI know what it is like to be a struggling to earn money online.  I remember sitting there thinking that I was never going to be able to make any money online and I also remember the adrenaline rush of making my very first Clickbank sale of $16.78 (Yep I still remember how much I made, that is how special it was too me)and I even remember the very first day I made multiple sales online as well.

    So trust me when I say that if you are struggling to make a consistent income online then you are not alone.  However I can assure you 100% that you CAN make it.  Nothing shows that you really can succeed as an internet marketer despite the odds against you like my friend Mario Browns story.

    PLEASE take the time to watch this VERY powerful video of him explaining how he literally went from being a totally broke immigrant to the United States to earning a full time income online and rubbing elbows with the likes of internet marketing LEGENDS like Frank Kern.

    So trust me if he can do it and if I can do it SO CAN YOU!


    CLICK HERE To Learn How To Start Pulling In $1k A Day!

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  • Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner Shares His Free Facebook Ad Strategy

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    Top WSOLearn How A 12 Year Old Girl Pulled In $40,000 Dollars Online And How You Can Too!

    Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner Shares His FREE Facebook Ad Strategy

    jeff usnerIf you are having trouble running affordable Facebook Ads or even just getting results  from your Facebook Ads then trust me when I say that you are not alone.  But it is important for you to keep in mind that you can MAKE MONEY using Facebook and that there are plenty of people doing it each and every day including myself.

    It is just a matter of learning the ends and outs of things and of course you are going to make some mistakes along the way.  I happened to come across this EXCELLENT video from ABC’s Hidden Millionaire Jeff Usner on his very effective Facebook Ad strategy and trust me he knows what he is talking about.

    CLICK HERE to get Jeff Usners Internet Millionaire Book that he talks about in the video!

    internet millionaire book

    Check it out below:

    I also wanted to mention for those that are interested in making money with Facebook that my friend Donald Wilson has also recently launched a LIVE Coaching Facebook Group called Don Wilson’s Facebook Architect that you can try out for the first 30 Days for just $1.00 NO CATCH! This is probably one of the best deals I have seen because obviously if you are not seeing results in the first 30 days you are gong to cancel before the rebill.

    But… If he is getting you results and he will as long as you participate and TAKE ACTION then you are going to stay with the coaching program and continue to grow as an internet marketer and increase your earnings!


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  • Jamie Lewis Internet Marketing Manifesto

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    Top WSO"Earn Money FAST Using .X. Fast Path To Cash Warrior Special Offer!

    Jamie Lewis Internet Marketing Manifesto

    To see the OFFICIAL IM With Jamie 3.0 Website CLICK HERE!

    “Mastery is not something that strikes in an instant, like a thunderbolt, but a gathering power that moves steadily through time, like the weather.”  — John Champlin Gardner, Jr.

    Jamie Lewis Internet Marketing Manifesto

    Jamie Lewis Internet Marketing Manifesto

    One of the internet marketers that I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few years is Jamie Lewis.  I have learned a lot from the guy when it comes to internet marketing and he is one of the few internet marketers that I believe honestly and genuinely cares about those who purchase their products and goes above and beyond to make sure that they succeed.

    There are so many misconceptions out there about how to make money online and one of the big ones is that it happens overnight.  Now this isn’t to say that it can’t happen overnight but the chances are it is going to take you several months and quite possibly years to get to a full time income.

    From my experience I believe that it is not unreasonable to expect to be able to earn at least a part time income online in as little as 3 months and you very well could have a full time income coming in within about 6 months.

    That is if you are willing to put in some good old fashioned HARD WORK!  That is another popular misconception as well.  Don’t get me wrong it is fairly easy to get your internet marketing business up and running but it does require that you make some sacrifices along the way such as turning off the television or not going out to the bar with your friends and staying in and getting to work.

    Trust me though…

    If you can tough it out and make those small sacrifices in the long run it will be well worth it.  Because while you are sleeping in your friends who went out to the bar or stayed home and watched American Idol or another reality show of their choice are hitting the snooze button on their alarm clocks and rolling out of bed, dealing with traffic, and a boss.

    You on the other hand get to make your own hours and put in a few hours of work a day from your own home or cafe or even another country (Need a vacation).


    It all starts with sitting down and putting in some of your precious time and effort oh and screwing up!  Yeah if you think your not going to screw up along the way you are sadly mistaken.  Heck I got more things wrong early on than I did right and I still do, but I also get things right and constantly tweak things until I get it just right.

    In Jamie Lewis Internet Marketing Manifesto you are going to see how a REAL 7 figure earner started with essentially nothing and is now living the dream life.  He takes you through all of the ups and downs of his internet marketing journey and you will definitely learn a lot from this FREE video!

    I urge you to get out a notepad and TAKE SOME NOTES Yeah it is that good.  Anyways below the video I have also included a link to his latest product IM With Jamie 3.0 where he coaches you to taking your internet business to the next level and I assure you it is one of the best business investments you will ever make.



    CLICK HERE to see the OFFICIAL IM With Jamie Lewis 3.0 Website!

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  • Sean Donahoe’s Adsense Firestorm Review

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    Top WSOCLICK HERE To Learn Ewen Chia's $5k From Scratch System!

    Sean Donahoe’s AdSense Firestorm Review

     CLICK HERE To See Sean Donahoe’s Adsense Firestorm Warrior Special Offer!


    Sean Donahoe's Adsense Firestorm Review

    Sean Donahoe’s Adsense Firestorm Review

    Any marketer that is interested in increasing the CTR on their AdSense website should be taking a look at Sean Donahoe’s AdSense Firestorm. This is an all-in-one plugin that allows you to skyrocket your AdSense earnings fast on any WordPress theme. If you’re tired of making a dollar a day from AdSense and are ready to move on to the next level, this is the one tool that should be added to your arsenal to finally make it happen.

    AdSense Firestorm Features

    • Make more money
    • Fast results
    • Protect your site
    • Easy to use
    • Use any theme
    • Works with Google, not against it
    • Long term business

    Make More Money

    Sean Donahoe's Adsense Firestorms Warrior Special Offer Review

    Sean Donahoe’s Adsense Firestorms Warrior Special Offer Review

    If you’re already using AdSense on your site, or are planning on developing some websites using the AdSense business model, you’ll want to see maximum revenues streaming in on a regular basis. This plugin has the potential to raise the earnings on a site from $30 up to $170 without any extra traffic or effort on your part.

    The plugin allows you to finely tune your ads using a special technique called CTR Crusher, which rotates and randomizes the ad positions. Using the Search Siphon feature you can transform your default WordPress search into a search engine with Google AdSense ads shown in the results.

    Also, a search box is loaded at the bottom of every content page allowing visitors to look for more results. If the viewer didn’t find exactly what he was looking for in the content, he is given the option of using the search box instead of hitting the back button. Every visitor that uses this search box will find themselves on a new page showing loads of targeted AdSense ads. This is a powerful feature that can increase revenues up to 300% or more.

    Fast Results

    The AdSense Firestorm plug-in works quickly so that you can end up seeing results usually within a week’s time. For most people the waiting time involved in building up a Google AdSense empire has been the most frustrating part of the business. This plugin eliminates the waiting time and gives you back control over your websites and the way you manage your own AdSense business.

    Protect your site

    Sean Donahoe’s Adsense Firestorm plugin turns the AdSense model back into the long-term business model that it was once supposed to be. Many webmasters have lost their AdSense accounts due to clickbombing of their ads and have lost their entire source of income in the process. When you use this plugin you’ll be protected from clickbombing, keeping your AdSense account in good standing.

    Easy to use

    This is an all-in-one AdSense solution that can be set up in less than five minutes. Simply install the plugin on your existing site and watch the money on the beachconversions increase within a few days time.

    Use any theme

    Never has an AdSense plugin been developed that can be used on any type of theme. This gives more flexibility to users that prefer one theme over another, but still require additional features to get the most out of their AdSense conversions.

    Works With Google – Not Against It

    The problem that most webmasters face when dealing with AdSense is that they are working against Google instead of with it. The AdSense Firestorm plugin provides a time-delayed campaign start so that any potential issues with Google over new site checks are eliminated. You can also decide how much content will show on your pages or posts before any Google ads are displayed. This shows Google that you respect their new Google Panda update and are committed to only showing ads when there is enough content available to merit it.

    The AdSense Firestorm plugin allows you to build up a profitable long-term business using AdSense without worry. With higher CTR, protection for your website and quick results, this is a plugin that finally gives you the chance to establish profitable AdSense websites the way Google wants to see them.

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