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  • .X. Affiliate Black Book 3.0 Warrior Forum Review

    Posted on June 20th, 2015 Tim No comments

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    .X. Affiliate Black Book 3.0 Warrior Forum Review

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    My rating for .X. Affiliate Black Book 3.0 product is:



    .X. Affiliate Black Book 3.0 Warrior Forum Review

    .X. Affiliate Black Book 3.0 Warrior Forum Review

    I talk a lot on this website and in emails to my list about the importance of creating your own product, and I truly believe that is one of the best ways to make a living online, but I also can say that it does have it’s drawbacks too.

    For instance when you create your own digital product you have to actually go out and get affiliates, create the content for the product, create the sales page or pay someone to do it, create the download page, deal with customer support, handle refunds, etc.

    Once again, I’m not saying creating your product isn’t a good idea, because it is, but there are better ways to get started making money online if you’ve never done it before. It’s how I did it too. Something that is nice about being an affiliate for a product aside from not having to deal with the product creation, customer support, or refund end of things is that you can discover which niches are profitable, build up a list in that niche, and then create a product, rather than going through all the work of creating a product only to find out that there isn’t much of a market for it, and trust me I have done that far too many times.

    In all honesty, whenever I enter into a new market, I don’t do anything as far as product creation goes until I’ve had some success as an affiliate in the market. So bottom line if you’re wanting to make money online and you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend that you do it with affiliate marketing.

    There are a lot of good products out there on affiliate marketing, one of the best ones is Kelly Felix Bring the Fresh, but there are a lot of other ways that you can be making money and a lot of times you can do it a whole lot faster than using the Bring the Fresh method. Once again I’m not knocking on the Bring the Fresh, as a matter of fact it is in my Top 5 Favorite Internet Marketing Products.

    Another product that is on that list is .X. Affiliate Black Book 3.0 as it is one of the most in depth products on the subject that I’ve ever come across. The Affiliate Black Book 3.0 is packed with so much valuable information that it is hard to describe just how goood the product is.

    The product starts off by touching on what I feel is one of the most neglected aspects of having success online as an affiliate marketer and that is your MINDSET. If the vast majority of people just read and applied the first part of .X. Affiliate Black Book 3.0 to their online business, I no doubt they’d have far more success online than they are having right now. After reading through all of this you will not only be more motivated to take action, but you will also use your time far more wisely and achieve double or triple what you’ve been able to achieve in the past.

    The Affiliate Black Book 3.0 then covers another very important aspect into having success online and that is 10-ways-to-make-money-onlineFINDING THE RIGHT NICHE AND PRODUCT TO PROMOTE. This may seem like common sense, but if you’re not making money online then there is a good chance you’re doing it wrong.

    .X. also covers how to get TRAFFIC AND CONVERSION which is essential to having any kind of success online. Something I’d like to stress to you is that he really goes into the little details of the nature of traffic and conversion so that you will understand it and look at it like you never have before. The little details that .X. covers throughout the entire Affiliate Black Book 3.0 product is what separates this product from all the other products, and it’s also one of the hardest things for me to describe to those reading this review of it, because the way he goes into detail about everything will change the way you look at not just affiliate marketing, but marketing in general.

    In addition to what I’ve mentioned .X. also covers how to turn the traffic you get into leads and make money from them. Once again he goes into a lot of detail about everything on the subject, ranging from sales psychology to how to write so that you can get the best response. Everything that he teaches here is stuff that the brightest internet marketing minds use.

    The training covers a lot more than I’ve mentioned, but this should give you an idea on what you get when you purchase this product, but  once again I do want to stress that my review of Affiliate Black Book 3.0 does not do it any justification in the slightest. The problem in writing this review is that there is so much covered and in so much depth, that it is hard to write a quick review and do it thoroughly without making the review far too long. So I’ve been pretty much just describing some of the main topics of interest.

    In addition to the close to 200 pages Affiliate Black Book 3.0 ebook, you will also get 5 Training Modules, Supplemental Training Materials, Access to the creator of the product .X. and one of my favorite plugins the Soda Popper Plugin.

    I can’t stress how much of a lifesaver that the Soda Popper Plugin has been to my internet business. Here is a screenshot that will show you how I actually purchased the Soda Popper Plugin several years ago. I really do use this plugin ALL of the time, and you will get this as part of your purchase of the Affiliate Black Book 3.0 product.
    Now some people may be a bit hesitant to purchase the product, because of the price being higher than your typical WSO, and to that I’d say you get what you pay for. If you’re purchasing a $7 to $9 Warrior Special Offer, then that’s about the value that you’re going to get out of it. Something I plan on talking about on this site in the future is that a lot of the stuff being sold as $7 to $9 WSO’s are junk. The vast majority of the people selling those WSO’s are only making money online because they’re selling you those WSO’s and a lot of the ones who are making money online are rarely revealing their best secrets for that cost. That’s not to say you can’t find good WSO’s, but you have to be careful with them.

    However I can guarantee that what is being taught in the Affiliate Black Book 3.0 is actually being used by not only .X., but myself and other internet marketers as well. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, .X. is the REAL DEAL when it comes to internet marketing and I’ve learned quite a bit from him over the years, and anyone smart enough to buy this product will too.

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  • 3 Easy Keywords You Can Dominate In Competitive Niches

    Posted on October 30th, 2014 Tim No comments

    Top WSOHalbertology - Everything You Thought You Knew About Marketing Just Changed!

    3 Easy Keywords You Can Dominate In Competitive Niches

    laptop womanWhen I first got started online, I didn’t exactly have a whole lot of money at my disposal, so I had to be creative when it came to competing against the big boys.

    One of the people who I learned from that helped me start pulling in a part time income within a few months of getting started was Travis Sago.

    What he taught was Bum Marketing, which is essentially online marketing strategies that just about ANYONE could utilize and start making money with, even if they didn’t have any money. You could literally be a bum off the street and walk into a public library and use Travis Sago’s strategies and make money (Hence the name Bum Marketing).

    What Travis Sago taught and continues to teach are ways of being creative so that you can tap into niches… Even tough niches like the “weight loss” niche and compete against the big boys.

    And… Trust me if you’re wanting to compete against the big boys in the big money making niches, then you’re going to have to be creative.

    The following video was created by Travis Sago shows you 3 different keywords you can use to make a TON of money in 3 very competitive niches.

    If you’ve watched the video you obviously see what I mean about how creative Travis Sago is, and you can see just how easily it is for you to be able to actually make money in niches that are normally competitive and hard to break in, by thinking just a little bit outside of the box.

    That’s the reason I can’t recommend Travis Sago’s InstaCash Keywords product enough. I’ve used the product myself and trust me I’ve made a TON of money utilizing the information he provides in it on a regular basis.

    So if you’re having a hard time breaking into niches and making money, I highly suggest that you consider getting this product and start targeting the niches he sends to you.

    One last thing… If you do use the InstaCash Keywords product, I highly recommend that you sign up to an autoresponder (I like both GetResponse and AWeber) and start building yourself a list in the niches you’re targeting, so that you can sell to them over and over and over again.

    Remember the MONEY IS IN THE LIST!


    Bring the Fresh – If you’ve been a reader of my website or on my mailing list for any length of time, you probably already know that I love Bring the Fresh. The reason why is because it literally helped me go from earning a part time income online (Which I was able to do by doing BUM Marketing that I learned from Travis Sago) to earning a full time income online.

    There is no other product on the market that over delivers the way Bring the Fresh does. Kelly Felix goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service, and he keeps the training up to date, so you don’t have to keep purchasing SEO products. Literally ANYONE can buy this product and make money by using the step by step Bring the Fresh SEO strategy.

    Source Phoenix –  I’ve been on Kelly Felix mailing list for years and he rarely sends out an email to promote a product, so on the rare occasion that he does recommend a product you know it is going to be good. Well Kelly Felix has recommended this product to his subscribers and I can tell you it is worth every penny.

    I know the guys behind Source Phoenix and I can assure you that what they’re teaching in this product is TOP NOTCH information that WORKS! The downside is it isn’t nearly as affordable as Bring the Fresh, so not everyone can afford it, but for the ones who can, I can’t recommend this product enough.

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  • How Well Do You Handle Defeat?

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    How Well Do You Handle Defeat?

    “When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.”
    ― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

    laptop womanSomething that ALL entrepreneurs are going to experience is defeat.  Now whether it is a temporary defeat or a permanent defeat is up to you.  

    The thing is no matter how good your plans are, you are still more often than not going to have some problems that will arise.  When I first got started in internet marketing it seemed like more often than not I would put a lot of effort into creating my sites and I either couldn’t get traffic to it or I couldn’t get the traffic I did get to my website to convert into sales.

    But instead of just giving up and trying something else, I would instead try to learn from it. I would try to do better keyword research, focus on a different niche, and try to better target my audience.   Trust me  I know how easy it is to get frustrated with things especially after having put quite a bit of effort into it.  However quitting and going in a completely different direction is usually not the solution.  Instead you need take a step back and see what adjustments you can make to your plan.

    Eventually after quite a bit of tweaking to my websites I was able to start making sales and I eventually wised up to building myself a targeted mailing list (If you’re not doing this you absolutely need to get started doing it, they don’t say “THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST” for nothing) as well.  My being stubborn and cheap about building a mailing list cost me quite a bit of money actually.  You see when most people come to your website they will usually NOT buy whatever product you’re either selling or are an affiliate for.  However if you’re able to get them signed up to your list and if you mail your list in the right way you can very often turn those who signed up to your list into BUYING CUSTOMERS.

    Barbara Corcoran of ABC’s Shark Tank was doing an interview that I came across and she makes a very good point as to how people who handle defeat well are able to earn more money when it comes to making sales (Whether it be selling real estate or selling products online) than those who let defeat get to them.

    You can watch the interview with Barbara Corcoran below:

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  • NEW Facebook Ranking Loophole May Be On The Way

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    NEW Facebook Ranking Loophole May Be On The Way

    facebook_notesWhile SEO is not my main marketing strategy online, it is still how I get a portion of my traffic and how many people who are starting out online get their traffic, so this may be of quite a bit of interest for anyone who is wanting to get some quality traffic via “organic” traffic.

    Facebook wisely is going to turn their “Facebook Notes” section into a full blown cometitor of Tumblr.  So to put this in perspective you may very soon be able to combine the ranking power of Facebook with keyword rich blog post.

    With that said, Facebook still has a long to go before the “notes” section will be a true “blogging platform” but it definitely looks like they have it in the works and it is very realistic to expect it to become a reality sometime here in the very near future.

    So… You should definitely start thinking up some ways that you can capitalize on this early on as not everyone is going to be aware of this, so for a brief time you will be able to get an edge on the competition.

    Here is more on the possible “Facebook Blogging Platform” from TechCrunch.

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  • Robert Brauer’s The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer Review

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    Top WSOHe came to the US with $200 in his pocket. Today he is a multimillionaire... And you can do it too, by following the Easy TV Money system!

    Robert Brauer’s The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer Review

    CLICK HERE to see Robert Brauer’s The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer!

    Robert Brauer's The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer Review

    Robert Brauer’s The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer Review

    I have said it time and again that making money online is actually fairly easy once you cut out all of the information overload or trying crappy push button software after crappy push button software only to find out they really won’t make you $19,785.67 in just 26 days.

    However it is really hard to get someone to just FOCUS on one system and one system only.  Trust me, I like most internet marketing beginners did the same thing myself.  I purchased countless products and software’s (Some were good and some just plain sucked)and I like most internet marketers also did a lot of just learning internet marketing “theory” and didn’t really do too much applying it.

    Which is kind of like signing up for a martial arts class and then just showing up and watching the instructor teach the class but not actually getting out there and practicing it yourself and then expecting to be able to defend yourself in a street fight.

    That is why I absolutely love Robert Brauer’s Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer.  Because he literally breaks down each and every aspect of being able to pull in a steady income online and he has set this system up in such a way that you almost have to go through each Lesson of the course and then TAKE ACTION before you can move on to the next portion of the course.

    This means you actually have to learn and apply what you learn rather than buying a the product and skimming through and then just trying to apply a little from it mixed in with a little from another course you bought etc.

    Think of it like this… If you were wanting to learn karate would you show up for class and then watch the teach instruct and then practice some of what he was teaching that day but then sign up for a kick boxing class the next week, and then a Muay Thai class the week after that would you?

    I would certainly hope not because even though each of those systems may be effective it would create a whole lot of confusion on your part and you would never get very good at any of them.  But that is EXACTLY what so many internet marketers who are not making a consistent income online are doing and obviously Robert Brauer who is the REAL DEAL and is actually earning money online took notice of this and he set this system up in such a way, that as long as you are dedicated and go through and apply what he is teaching you are going to absolutely start pulling in a passive online income.

    When you first begin going through the Money Tree Cash System WSO you are most likely going to find that some of what Robert Brauer is Closeup of a young woman using laptop and sitting on white rugteaching is pretty basic and simple however PLEASE DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE what he is teaching because what he reveals actually works.  If you ever watch sports you will often find out that when a team is struggling a coach will very often have the team go back to the fundamentals and then once they get good at those he will then start incrementally start adding in more onto those basics and that is exactly how this system is going to work and trust me once you start progressing through The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer you are going to find that he reveals some AMAZING and very powerful traffic techniques that will really help you increase your online income and conversions.

    But… It all starts with you going through the basics and progressively working yourself up to more advanced techniques.  So if you purchase this Warrior Special Offer I urge you to actually focus on studying this and this ONLY!

    Here is EXACTLY what Robert Brauers The Money Tree Cash System 2.0 Warrior Special Offer consist of:

    Module 1

    Lesson 1: Introduction and course overview
    Lesson 2: The best business model in the world
    Lesson 3: Do you know the #1 job of an internet marketer?
    Lesson 4: The “trick” that can quadruple your income
    Lesson 5: The foundation of your empire
    Lesson 6: Invest $1 to make $44? (here’s how…)
    Lesson 7: Planting your money tree
    Lesson 8: How to turbocharge your website for free
    REQUIRED TO ACCESS LESSON 9: Module checklist
    Module 2

    Lesson 9: Everything you’ve learned about squeeze pages is wrong!
    Lesson 10: All systems go!
    Lesson 11: Not doing this could land you in jail…
    Lesson 12: How to make 4 figures per day from 1 simple strategy
    Lesson 13: Step-by-step to 40% conversion rates (the average is 1%)
    Module 3

    Lesson 14: What type of traffic is the best?
    Lesson 15: The massive free traffic source that has virtually no competition
    Lesson 16: How to make $1,000+ per hour
    Lesson 17: Britney Spears can make you rich
    Lesson 18: 350,000 unique visitors for pennies? (case study inside…)
    Lesson 19: How to get famous (and rich!)
    Lesson 20: The free traffic source that made me my first $100,000
    Lesson 21: The proven strategy to get laser targeted traffic for free
    Lesson 22: Profit from this free tool immediately!
    Lesson 23: How to (ethically) steal traffic from your competitors
    Lesson 24: The undercover traffic strategy
    Lesson 25: Free traffic with the push of a button
    REQUIRED TO ACCESS LESSON 26: Common questions answered
    Module 4

    Lesson 26: How to “tame the bucking bronco”
    Lesson 27: Increase sales 20x using this free website
    Lesson 28: I’m bringin’ sexy back!
    Lesson 29: 6 clever ways to increase your traffic almost instantly
    Lesson 30: The untapped traffic goldmine (1 of my favorites in 2013!)
    Lesson 31: All 6, 7, and 8 figure marketers do this religiously
    Lesson 32: How to get 100 clicks for 10 cents
    Lesson 33: Master this traffic source and you’ll never worry about traffic again
    Lesson 34: Dirt cheap, converting clicks from…
    Lesson 35: The largest, oldest, and most stable traffic source online?
    Lesson 36: You asked for it – here’s my #1 favorite type of traffic! (bonus guide inside)
    Bonus Modules (Advanced Tactics)

    Bonus 1: The step-by-step system to create your own million dollar product
    Bonus 2: How to instantly double or triple your profits
    Bonus 3: The system that took Igor from broke to $20,000+ per month
    Bonus 4: A near foolproof system for making money in 48 hours or less
    Bonus 5: The proven copywriting formula
    Bonus 6: Use these 11 piercingly effective persuasion hacks immediately!
    Bonus 7: Is a 4 hour work week really possible?
    Bonus 8: Simple steps to triple productivity and eliminate stress
    Bonus 9: The BIG list of traffic sources!


    You can Mastermind with other internet marketers as well as Robert Brauer and get help with anything you are struggling with or even just find inspiration and motivation from other internet marketers who are having success and hopefully you will be doing some inspiring as well.  Bottom line it is nice to have a Private Facebook Group like Robert Brauer has created for this Warrior Special Offer and if you utilize it I have know doubt that it is going to help you immensely!


    Honestly I think you will agree that Robert Brauer has OVER DELIVERED with this Warrior Special Offer and hopefully you will actually BUY and APPLY what you learn from this WSO as I have no doubt that if you do, you will easily be able to start pulling in a part time to full time income online.

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  • Mark Ling’s Affilo Blueprint 3 Review Warrior Forum

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    Top WSOHe came to the US with $200 in his pocket. Today he is a multimillionaire... And you can do it too, by following the Easy TV Money system!

    Mark Lings AffiloBlueprint 3 Review Warrior Forum

    CLICK HERE to see Mark Lings AffiloBlueprint 3 Official Site!

    Mark Lings AffiloBlueprint 3 Review Warrior Forum

    One of the internet marketers that I always seem to learn something new from is Mark Ling.  The reason being he reminds me a lot of Kelly Felix and Mike Long because of the fact that he is a very knowledgeable and successful internet marketer that goes above and beyond to help his customers and even those on his mailing list out as much as possible.b

    So needless to say when I heard that he was going to be releasing his Affilo Blueprint 3, I was VERY EXCITED as I even though I am earning a full time income online, I know that I can always learn more and better yet that those on my mailing list were going to love it.

    Mark Lings AffiloBlueprint 3 is a COMPLETE step by step guide to making money as an affiliate marketer Mark Ling covers pretty much everything you are going to need to know such as selecting a niche, building your website, SEO, making adjustments (Definitely PAY ATTENTION to this) and a whole lot more.

    So obviously Mark Lings AffiloBlueprint 3 is going to be best for internet marketing beginners and intermediate internet marketers but I also have no doubt that more advanced internet marketers are going to learn from this product as well.

    Something that sets Mark Lings AffiloBlueprint 3 from a lot of the other internet marketing products out there is that this is VERY in depth and better yet it is structured in a way that is going to maximize your being able to both learn from it as well as implement it so that you can actually have internet marketing success.

    What I mean by this is Mark Ling has put together STRUCTURED HOMEWORK MODULES that you are supposed to complete which essentially almost guarantee’s that you are going to know EXACTLY what you should be doing and when.  This going to help eliminate you feeling confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated which usually means that you are going to give up and try the next product that comes out.

    So whatever you do if you get this make sure to set aside time each day for learning and then implementing what you learn by following the AffiloBlueprint 3 homework modules.  As long as you do this I have no doubt that by the time you have gone through this complete course you are going to have earned your investment in it back as well as be well on your way to earning a full time income online.

    Trust me Mark Ling leaves absolutely nothing out on how to make a full time income as an affiliate marketer.  He has provided OVER 85 video lessons which you can either watch online or download them to your computer.  Not only that but he has also provided PDF lesson notes and provides full resource links so that you don’t have to looking for anything.

    Along with all of this content you are also going to get a powerful Affilotheme WP Theme which makes creating and OPTIMIZED and HIGH CONVERTING websites VERY EASY.  As if all of that were not enough he also is going to give you Affilotheme hosting for up to 5 websites and a 1 month FREE ACCESS to his Affilorama Premium.

    What you will find in Mark Lings AffiloBlueprint 3 Course is 12 sections that cover:

    Market Research and Keywords  

    Creating Content

    Setting Up Your Website

    Website Design

    On Page SEO

    Off Page SEO

    Additional Link Building (Advanced Link Building Strategies)

    Newsletters – The Money Is In The List and now you are going to know EXACTLY how to build it!

    Where To Now? Tweaking Your Website – Most courses NEVER include this information so make sure to pay close attention to this Section as it is going to who you how to essentially TROUBESHOOTING your website, so you can find out why you aren’t making any money, expanding your reach, etc.

    Google Adwords Part 1 – Learn the basics of PPC marketing with Google Adwords for getting INSTANT, targeted traffic.

    Google Adwords Part 2 – How to optimize your Google Adwords conversions.

    Google Adwords Part 3 – Further PPC optimization and advanced tactics are covered as you put the finishing touches on your campaigns.
    If you are an internet marketing newbie or intermediate and not earning consistent money each and every month then Mark Lings AffiloBlueprint 3 is a MUST BUY as it is going to provide you with a STRUCTURED and PROVEN affiliate marketing system that you can follow so that you do not feel overwhelmed and give up yet again.

    If you do get Mark Lings AffiloBlueprint 3 then I suggest that you DO NOT BUY ANY OTHER INTERNET MARKETING PRODUCT for at least 60 days.  Trust me you are not going to need another product for a while after buying this as you are going to have literally EVERYTHING that you are going to need to know within this product.

    It is just a matter of you STAYING FOCUSED and TAKING DAILY ACTION by following Mark Lings proven and profitable affiliate marketing system.  Ever since Kelly Felix and Mike Long released their Bring The Fresh course I have used that as my measuring stick for judging a good internet marketing product and to be quite honest most products just are not that good which is why I am glad to see that Mark Lings Affilo Blueprint 3 Course is definitely right up there with Bring The Fresh in providing a profitable money making system that can easily be followed as well as excellent customer service from the product creator.

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  • Simon Greenleigh Content Research Hub Warrior Special Offer Software Review

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    Top WSOEasily Earn $214 or MORE a day using the Arbitrage Sugardaddy System!

    Simon Greenleigh Content Research Hub Warrior Special Offer Software Review

    CLICK HERE to see Simon Greenleigh’s Content Research Hub Warrior Special Offer!

    Simon Greenleigh or better known on the Warrior Forum as Linkwhizz has just released his newest software called Content Research Hub and overall it is pretty cool:

    Simon Greenleigh's Content Research Hub Warrior Special Offer Software Review

    Now basically this software goes out and finds content on the internet from various sources that has to do with YOUR KEYWORDS and then in return creates high quality content for you that you can use on your niche blogs etc.

    The Content Research Hub Warrior Special Offer also includes a Spinner software so you pretty much have everything that you are going to need to start churning out unique content that the search engines will love and in return get you a lot more traffic to your niche websites.

    Now even though this is going to save you time you really still need to get involved and get to know your niche so that you can establish yourself as an authority within it.  Not only that but I also want to encourage you to make sure and look your content that is produced by this software over so that you can make sure it looks good as well.

    So basically if you are like most people who are struggling to create unique content but not able to afford to outsource your quality content (this can actually be done for a very low price) or you just don’t want to wait for that content to be created then you definitely should be considering Simon Greenleigh’s Content Research Hub Warrior Special Offer as it will save you both a lot of time and money.

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  • Mark Thompsons The Outsource Project Warrior Special Offer Review

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    Top WSOCLICK HERE To Learn Ewen Chia's $5k From Scratch System!

    Mark Thompsons The Outsource Project Warrior Special Offer Review

    CLICK HERE to see Mark Thompsons The Outsource Project Warrior Special Offer!

    Mark Thompsons The Outsource Project Warrior Special Offer Review

    When I first got started in internet marketing I made a TON of mistakes the BIGGEST 2 mistakes that I made were:

    1.  Not building myself a mailing list (If your not doing it you need to start doing it now)
    2.  Not outsourcing

    Lets face it my time is valuable and I imagine yours is too.  When you first are getting started in internet marketing most likely you are working a FULL TIME job and then having ot come home and get yourself motivated to work online to build your internet marketing business, at least that is what I had to do.

    I literally spent many nights working away late into the night and getting very little sleep then having to get up the next day and go to work half asleep.  After making it through the day I would come home and get back to trying to make money online.

    Obviously it worked for me but I also sacrificed time with both my family and friends not to mention a lot of sleep.  The reality of it is I could have gotten better results not to mention much faster had I not been so cheap and outsourced a portion of my workload.

    When people here the word OUTSOURCE the first thought that often comes to their mind is that it has got to be expensive however the truth of the matter is it is actually very inexpensive.  Not to mention the fact that if you are not willing to spend a little bit of money to help your internet marketing business grow and in turn make you more money then you are probably not going to be cut out for being an internet marketer.

    Please don’t take my saying that as an insult because remember I had that exact same mindset and because of that I paid for it by losing out on time with my family and a lot of sleep.  Trust me from someone who has been there and done it, outsourcing what you can’t do or what can be done better and get you better results is well worth the little expense you are going to pay.

    Think about it rather than trying to learn EVERYTHING about internet marketing and in reality not getting ANY closer to your BIG GOAL which is earning a full time income online you could easily just take care of the things that you are good at and then INVEST a small amount of money into your business and outsourcing the work which will be done by someone who actually knows what they are doing.

    I have several people working for me FULL TIME that I pay between $200 and $500 to a month.  Now you don’t even have to spend that much because you can hire people to work for you part time or pretty much just about any kind of agreement and you can get them for as low as $1.67 an hour.  Seriously that is one more hour of sleep that you can get back to do whatever you want with it and as I mentioned earlier it will probably be done faster and better than you EVER could have done it.

    That is where Mark Thompsons Outsource Project Warrior Special Offer comes in as he literally shows you EVERYTHING you are going to need to know about how to properly outsource your internet marketing business.

    He breaks down everything in 24 very in depth video’s and he even provides templates that will help your find the right kind of virtual workers for your internet marketing business.  I wish I had something like this Warrior Special Offer when I actually had wised up about outsourcing and I recommend that you buy this and go through it, even if right now you don’t think you can afford it or you are just not quite ready to start outsourcing as you are not going to be able to get a much better course than this not to mention for this price and there will be a time in the near future hopefully that you are going to want to outsource and Mark Thompsons Outsouce Project Warrior Special Offer is the perfect resource for showing you how to do it properly.

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  • Joshua Morris Bamboo Content Warrior Special Offer Review

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    Top WSOEasily Earn $214 or MORE a day using the Arbitrage Sugardaddy System!

    Joshua Morris Bamboo Content Warrior Special Offer Review

    CLICK HERE to see Josh Morris Bamboo Content Warrior Special Offer!

    Joshua Morris Bamboo Content Warrior Special Offer Review

    Josh Morris has just released a VERY COOL Warrior Special Offer that is definitely going to help a lot of internet marketers improve their SEO rankings as long as they do what he says.  I have been trying to stress that putting up HIGH QUALITY and UNIQUE CONTENT is essential for having long term internet marketing success it is EXACTLY what I do on my sites and it is definitely what you should be doing on yours as well.

    What you need to keep in mind is that Google needs you as long as you are putting together content that is going to be helpful to those searching Google and I think it is fairly obvious that you DEFINITELY need Google if you are wanting to get visitors to your websites without having to pay for them.

    Here is what is cool about Josh Morris Bamboo Content WSO is that it shows you how to get Google to LOVE YOU without having to try and trick it and in the long run risking them realizing it and your site being taken off of the search results altogether or in the very least dropping significantly in the rankings.

    Essentially within this Warrior Special Offer you are going to learn how to EASILY create websites that Google will love within ANY niche even if you know very little about it.  All you have to do with this is pretty much follow his VERY DETAILED instructions on how to set your website up as well as how to EASILY create your content that the search engines are going love.

    He also has provided something that I really liked and that is his OUTSOURCING PLAN as that is something I am trying to do more of and I also highly recommend that you do as soon as you start bringing in a consistent income from your websites which shouldn’t take long if you follow his Bamboo Content formula.

    Now aside from learning his VERY EASY to implement content creation formula you will also get some very cool BONUSES such as:

    • 50 Premium WordPress Themes
    • 26 FREE Plugins
    • Han Fan’s Video SEO Firestorm
    • Brad Spencers The Internet Marketing Idea Machine

    Trust me this VERY SIMPLE 3 step system for creating HIGH QUALITY authority sites is definitely going to help you get better SEO results and with significantly less work on your part and you really can’t get any better than that.

    I would like to add that something I have been saying both on this site and to my list is STOP BUILDING SNIPER SITES and START BUILDING AUTHORITY SITES and Josh Morris Bamboo Content Warrior Special Offer will show you how to start doing just that.

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  • Bill Guthrie’s Libby Charity Warrior Special Offer Review

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    Top WSOCLICK HERE To Learn How You Can Get Coached By Internet Marketing MILLIONAIRE Jamie Lewis!

    Bill Guthries Libby Charity Warrior Warrior Special Offer Review

    CLICK HERE to see Bill Guthries Libby Charity Warrior Special Offer!

    If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them.  When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope?  We have two options, medically and emotionally:  give up, or fight like hell.  ~Lance Armstrong

    Bill Guthrie's Libby Charity Warrior Special Offer Review

    One of my friends Amber Burton recently passed away from colon cancer at the young age of 28.  So needless to say I am very passionate about fighting cancer whenever I have a chance.  So when I heard about Bill Guthrie putting out a Warrior Special Offer to help benefit a 6 year old girl named Libby who is his daughters classmate I instantly asked how I could help promote it.

    He told me he would let me know and that he was still trying to get everything together and all I can say is that I am VERY IMPRESSED with what I have seen.  This is an AMAZING DEAL considering all the products that have been donated to the Libby Charity Warrior Special Offer and at the price that they are being offered for.

    Bottom line this is an EXCELLENT DEAL and it is going towards an EXCELLENT CAUSE!  Keep in mind that ANYONE no matter what age can wake up one day and find out that they have cancer and for that reason I feel so blessed to have healthy children and for that reason alone as a way of saying thanks I made sure that I purchased the Libby Charity Warrior Special Offer and I hope that you will too!

    CPA Marketing
    Kenster – CPA Money Madness, Rags 2 Riches, and Netflix Tricks reports (retail $27)

    Content Marketing
    Caleb Spilchen – Newsum – content generation software (retail $9.90)
    Oz – The Truth About Article Marketing report (retail $17)

    Affiliate Marketing
    Aravindh’s (theplugindude) Affpressor affiliate pop-up WP plug-in (retail $27)
    Mao Flynn – WP Banner Ad Generator plug-in (retail $47)
    Edwin Boiten – Affiliate Product Comparison plug-in (retail $47)
    Jason Keith – WP Cash Machines report (retail $27)
    Norma Rickman – Niche Nuke report (retail $9.90)
    Bolaji – The Gorilla Wars: JVZoo Goes Wild report (retail $9.90)

    Product Creation
    Brad Gosse – Infographic Sales Letter Template (retail $47)
    Andrew Hunter – WP Affiliate Surge plug-in (retail $47)
    Garry Sayer – Simple EBook Sorcery (retail $37)

    Laura Catella – Elite Level Copywriting Report (retail $27)

    Mark Thompson – SEO Tutor video training (retail $197)
    Tim Buchalka – Video Traffic Genius (retail $97)
    Robert Phillips & Hitesh – 5-Minute Money Multipler (retail $17)

    Jesse Guthrie – WP ClientHub (retail $14.95)
    Sam England – 12-Month Local SEO Blueprint (retail $10)
    Dr. Dan & Rockstar Ben – Client Getting Ninja (retail $97)
    Steve Benn Peters – Offline Deal Maker
    Lester Lim & Aiden Chong – Offline Wizardry (retail $17)

    Miscellaneous Awesomeness
    Bryan Zimmerman – Mindset Blueprint (retail $27)
    Brad Spencer – Internet Marketing Idea Machine (retail $8.35)
    Alex Jeffreys & Anthony Tilley – The Ultimate Alex Jeffreys Interview (retail $17)
    Ed Akehurst, Martha Mayo, and Ed – Mining Cloud Gold (retail $12)
    Simon Greenhalgh (link whizz) – Work on the Sofa (retail $37/monthly)
    J. Scott Talbert – Legal Whitepapers (retail $19)
    Marcus Passey – Outsource Blitzkrieg 2.0 (retail $9.95)

    “During chemo, you’re more tired than you’ve ever been.  It’s like a cloud passing over the sun, and suddenly you’re out.  You don’t know how you’ll answer the door when your groceries are delivered.  But you also find that you’re stronger than you’ve ever been.  You’re clear.  Your mortality is at optimal distance, not up so close that it obscures everything else, but close enough to give you depth perception.  Previously, it has taken you weeks, months, or years to discover the meaning of an experience.  Now it’s instantaneous.”  ~Melissa Bank

    My friend Amber Burton introduced me to a band that is now one of my favorite bands Pillar so I am adding their song “Bring Me Down” to this review:

    Helping a cause like this means the world to me and for that reason I am giving Bill Guthrie’s Libby Charity Warrior Special Offer my WSO Deal Of The Week!  Please remember that absolutely 100% of the money made from this Warrior Special Offer is going to charity:

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