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  • Brad Gosse And Justin Papovic’s Drip Fed Recipe Blog Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on February 1st, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Brad Gosse and Justin Papovic’s Drip Fed Recipe Blog Warrior Special Offer Review

    CLICK HERE to see Brad Gosse and Justin Papovic’s Drip Fed Recipe Blog Warrior Special Offer!

    Brad Gosse Drip Fed Recipe Blog Warrior Special Offer Review

    Brad Gosse has once again put together another AWESOME DEAL with his Drip Fed Recipe Blog Warrior Special Offer.  What I love about this is that I have personally had quite a bit of success with Recipe Themed blogs so I know that this works.

    Brad Gosse and Justin Papovic basically are giving those who are smart enough to purchase this Warrior Special Offer the chance to essentially outsource all the work that goes into creating a blog in this case a Recipe Blog which is actually a very good money maker despite what most people would think, because as I said before I know it works because I have made money by setting up similar sites and monetizing them mostly with Clickbank products and Amazon Products (Additional Cookbooks as well as different Cooking Utensils etc.) and on occasion a CPA offer or two.

    I did some quick Keyword Research and here are the results for the following search terms:

    • Recipe Blog – 4,400 EXACT Match Searches
    • Recipe Blogs – 6,600 EXACT Match Searches
    • Eggplant Recipes – 60,500 EXACT Match Searches
    • Hamburger Recipes – 49,500 EXACT Match Searches
    • Cooking Blog – 5,400 EXACT Match Searches
    • Recipe Ideas – 18,100 EXACT Match Searches
    • Easy Dinner Ideas – 9,900 EXACT Match Searches
    • Quick Dinner Ideas – 14,800 EXACT Match Searches
    • Dinner Ideas For Tonight – 2,900 EXACT Match Searches

    I think you get the point that there are a lot of people out there who want you guessed it RECIPES!  The beauty of it is all you have to do is sit back relax and let the work be done for you.

    You will have a TON of Recipe Niches that you can choose from and all of them look very good to be quite honest.  You will then be able to start receiving DAILY RECIPE POST to your site once everything is set up.  Although this is pretty much hands free I would suggest that you find Youtube Video’s such as this for EXAMPLE:

    Now aside from that I would recommend that you post additional recipes perhaps a Favorite Recipe Of The Week I would actually make it something other than what your Recipe Niche Site is about just to mix things up.

    Something else that I would encourage you doing is INTERACTING with those that visit your site via Twitter and Facebook.  You can easily start a Recipe Facebook Fanpage and then run some FB Ads to get Likes and then start interacting with Recipe Lovers so that you can get a better feel of what they are looking for as well as for the simple fact that you always want to build a relationship with them.

    Now here are some of my recommendations on how to get the most out of Brad Gosse and Justin Papovic’s Drip Fed Recipe Blog WSO:

    • Get an autoresponder so that you can start building a list within this niche
    • Either buy a PLR Ebook or create an ebook yourself to entice them to sign up for your list.  (Trust me there are plenty of PLR Recipe Ebooks out there just find one and offer it for FREE in exchange for their email address.)
    • Create additional content for your Drip Fed Recipe Blog
    • Promote your blog and interact with your blogs readers with both Twitter and Facebook.
    • Build Backlinks to your blog so that it ranks well

    If you do just a minimal amount of additional work into this blog which you should have no problem doing at all because of the fact that Brad Gosse and Justin Papovic’s Drip Fed Recipe Blog Warrior Special Offer is going to take care of the BULK of the work that would normally go into something like this, you will have no trouble whatsoever in making not only your investment back but also make some nice profits.

    Here are some Additional Tips for making your Drip Fed Recipe Blog a success:

    Don’t always stick within the Recipe Niche…

    Most people are health conscious so on occassion put up a video on either your Recipe Blog or Recipe Fanpage on something Health related it could be Exercise tips or even just a video on the latest health related news.

    Not only that but you can give additional tips such as How To Save With Coupons etc.  Remember there are plenty of Coupon Deal CPA Offers out there including offers such as a $100 Grocery Gift Card.

    So try and think outside of the box as far as how to monetize both your Recipe Blog and Recipe Social Networking pages and you are definitely going to have one of your best years as an internet marketer.  I am really looking forward to hearing the success stories from those who are wise enough to purchase Brad Gosse and Justin Papovic’s Drip Fed Recipe Blog Warrior Special Offer.

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