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  • Bill McCrea’s Above The Matrix Review Warrior Forum

    Posted on July 30th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Bill McCrea’s Above The Matrix if you would like to go to the Official site it is located here:

    Bill McCrea’s Above The Matrix Review

    Bill McCrea's Above The Matrix Review Warrior Forum

    There has been a lot of good products being released over the past 4 weeks or so in the internet marketing industry.  Which was pretty nice because one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing an internet marketing “guru” recommend a product that is nothing but crap!

    So when I saw that internet marketer Bill McCrea was going to be releasing a new IM product called Above The Matrix I wondered whether or not this product was going to be as crappy and confusing as his Massive Passive Profits product or if he would keep the trend of good IM products going.

    After looking at the sales page which had him basically mocking other internet marketers sales pages, I thought for a second maybe this will turn out to be decent.  Well it didn’t.  Now to make a long story short Above The Matrix SUCKS!  However, if you are wondering why this product SUCKS!  This why, basically your $49.95 purchase for Bill McCrea’s Above The Matrix will get you a ready to go website that has all the plugin’s installed which tyou can put on your domain/or subdomain or you can have it installed on his servers etc.

    Content Posting – It also comes with a content posting software system that will allow you to post articles daily to your site.  You can select the topic of the articles and how many you would like posted and then all of the content is pretty much taken care of for you.

    Automatic Backlinks – This is about the only decent part of the Above The Matrix product as it will create backlinks to your site which we all know is essential to getting on the first page of Google.  I am still not sold on how effective his backlink system really is.

    He also includes several other Monetization plugins where you can basically enter your affiliate information and you can start better monetizing your site.  Keep in mind some of these plugins need to be configured etc.

    There is also a Domain Finder software that he was giving away for FREE right before the release this Above The Matrix product.  It is an alright software but it certainly is nothing special.

    You will also get some confusing training video’s that intermediate and experienced marketers will easily be able to understand but newbies which are probably the only people who should even consider getting Above The Matrix (I still wouldn’t recommend this for an internet marketing newbie) will most likely be totally confused.


    • You can get a pretty much pre built ready to go blog
    • The automatic link building software
    • Several monetization plugins


    • If you choose to get your site on his subdomain your sites domain name will look unprofessional
    • The training video’s are going to be very confusing to someone that is new to internet marketing
    • Way overpriced
    • You will not make THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS or quite possible any money with this product


    Bill McCrea at one time released some decent products but recently his products have way underdelivered.  Especially this Above The Matrix product.  It plain and simply is not worth the money you will spend.  I would recommend someone either get Extreme Niche Empires or Bring The Fresh and actually learn how to properly setup a blog, SEO, and how to treat your internet marketing business like a BUSINESS.

    Don’t go for the GET RICH QUICK concept and actually be willing to learn with these products and put in a little  bit of work.  I can assure you that you will make way more money with either Extreme Niche Empires or Bring The Fresh in the long run.  I would love for Bill McCrea to demonstrate him making money with this product alone that means not using his or his friends list I can assure you he won’t be able to.

    If you are a more of an intermediate internet marketer and are just looking to save time in setting up your websites then you should consider a recent Warrior Special Offer called BlogzBot which will cost way less and in my opinion is more effective.

     Bottom line Do Not Waster Your Money On Above The Matrix!

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