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  • Bill Guthrie’s Niche Tuneup Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on September 1st, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Bill Guthrie’s Niche Tuneup Warrior Special Offer Review


    Bill Guthrie's Niche Tuneup WSO Review

    Every so often I will get into a niche that doesn’t seem to be profitable or a site of mine that I thought would be a winner doesn’t quite convert well, or there are even times when a site of mine that once did well seems to no longer make the sales it once did or of course rank near as well as it had in the past.

    It can be frustrating and in the past some of the sites I thought would do well and they ended up not doing so great I have used to test plugins themes and a variety of other things.  Then I came across Bill Guthrie’s Niche Tuneup  Warrior Special Offer and it gave me a TON of idea’s on how to fix those sites as well as how to improve the ones that no longer were performing the way they had in the past!

    Now before I get to far in if you are just getting into the world of internet marketing and you don’t even a have a website you should still consider getting Bill Guthrie’s Niche Tuneup because of the fact that it will save you from making some of the mistakes that I have made in the past and exactly how you can set your site up right the first time around.

    The Main Guide of Bill Guthries Niche Tuneup is AMAZING it will show you exactly what area’s of your website that you may be lacking in or if you are about to set a site up what area’s you should pay extra attention to so that you can get your site doing well from the start!

    He covers a lot of information in this 67 page guide such as On site factors, Off site factors, Understanding your audience, testing, site structure, affiliate links, keywords, self analysis, etc.

    There is also a Niche Tuneup Mindmap for those who are more visual and would like to get a better view of what you are doing and hopefully how it all connects to your site doing better.

    A Site Structuring Linking Template that will show you to internally link your pages so that Google will look more favorably on your website.

    Niche Tuneup Checklist – this is cool because you can use this to make sure that you are setting things up right  either the first time or as you go back through some of your sites that may not be doing well to make sure that you are getting the most out of them.  This is actually a 3 page checklist, so yeah it is covering quite a bit and I am sure that most peoples sites are not tuned up.  I can tell you that I have well over 80 websites and I am going to go through each and everyone myself to make sure they are tuned up.

    Niche Tuneup Resources Guide – He also included a resources guide that is nice to have as well.

    Overall Bill Guthrie’s Niche Tuneup WSO is perfect for just about any internet marketer regardless of their internet marketing experience because I think we all at one time or another may not always be getting the absolute best out of all of our websites and this WSO helps draw attention to all of the important area’s that we need to be focusin on to do that.

    The checklist is definitely nice to have and I am being totally honest when I say that in the future I am definitely going to be using it as I set up my sites and as I go back over some of my older sites to make sure that they are set up right and that I am getting the absolute best out of them.  So if you websites are not doing well or you just want to make sure that you are setting them up right in the future you should definitely consider getting Bill Guthrie’s Niche Tuneup Warrior Special Offer!

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