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  • Barry Plaskow, Roger D, and Jay Conrad Levinson’s FB Crusher Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on August 4th, 2011 Tim No comments

    Top WSOHalbertology - Everything You Thought You Knew About Marketing Just Changed!

    This is a review of Barry Plaskow and Roger D’s FB Crusher Warrior Special Offer if you would like to see their WSO CLICK HERE!

    Barry Plaskow and Roger D’s FB Crusher Warrior Special Offer Review



    Barry Plaskow, Roger D, and Jay Conrad Levinson's FB Crusher WSO Review

    All I can say is WOW, this is AWESOME now before I go any further let me tell you one of the guys that I have looked up too for quite a while in the world of marketing in general is Jay Conrad Levinson.  The reason why is he is the Father of “Guerilla Marketing” and let me tell you when I first got involved in internet marketing my finances were VERY TIGHT to say the least.  So I had to bootstrap as much as possible so I naturally turned to reading Jay Conrad Levinson’s books and let me tell you when I see a new book out by him I buy it.

    So when I saw that the FB Crusher Warrior Special Offer was done in conjunction with Jay Conrad Levinson I didn’t hesitate a second in checking it out!

    Now the fact that this WSO is essentially about Offline Marketing and Social Media shouldn’t deter you from getting this in my opinion.  “Why?”, you ask because

    1.  There is a TON of money that you are losing out on by not doing some form of Offline marketing, TRUST ME it is much easier than you think, I actually fell into doing it by a local business owner who was a friend of mine asking me to help them and then a local DJ had me help him as well and then before I knew it I had a nice side income coming in just from small local business owners.

    2.  Even if you don’t feel like getting into offline marketing yet, there still may come a time in the future where you are going to want to do it and this is going to be an excellent resource for you too have when that time comes.  So even if you think you are not going to need the FB Crusher Warrior Special Offer right now you are most likely going to be kicking yourself six months to a year from now when you realize you passed up this WAY UNDER PRICED WSO!

    Barry Plaskow’s and Roger D’s FB Crusher covers pretty much anything you are going to need to know about:

    • How to find clients and even what businesses you should stay away from to avoid wasting your time!  
    • How to send direct mail that will get business owners to call you
    • What to look out for on a prospects site that will let you know they are practically waiting for you to call them with your offer
    • How to guarantee that you will earn $4,700 for every client that you sign on! (Yeah I know, it sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?)
    • Strategies that you should use on your clients FB Fanpage so that they can get the fastest Return on Investment in you! (The faster you make them money is the faster that they realize they made a wise investment and that they tell their fellow business friends about you as well!)
    • And a whole lot more!

    Then on top of all that there is the BONUSES that come with the FB Crusher Warrior Special Offer!

    BONUS 1.

    A live training event with MARKETING LEGEND Jay Conrad Levinson, seriously I would pay the price of this WSO for this alone.  If you know anything about marketing then you will know how AMAZING OF A DEAL this BONUS is!

    BONUS 2.

    A live Question and Answer with the FB Crusher creators Roger D and Barry Plaskow with Special Guest Brian Anderson!

    BONUS 3.

    A PLR Report written by Vince Runza, this PLR Report will position you as an expert and you can add to it, put yourself as the author, etc.  then Print it off or email it to business owners.  This report will have them calling you in no time flat!

    Honestly I have no idea why they are pricing this so low it really does baffle me all I can say is even if you want nothing to do with Offline Marketing you are so going to regret not getting this because it is just way to good of a deal to pass up!  Skip eating out one night this week if you have too but I seriuosly urge you to get this WSO because the FB Crusher Warrior Special Offer will make your money back several times over with just one client.

    One more thing if you buy this and are wanting to get involved in Offline Marketing then TAKE ACTION because Barry Plaskow and Roger D’s FB Crusher Warrior Special Offer will make you money!

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