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  • Barry Plaskow and Roger D’s Mobile Crusher Warrior Special Offer

    Posted on November 3rd, 2011 Tim No comments

    Top WSO"Earn Money FAST Using .X. Fast Path To Cash Warrior Special Offer!

    CLICK HERE to see Barry Plaskow and Roger D’s Mobile Crusher Warrior Special Offer

    Barry Plaskow and Roger D’s Mobile Crusher Warrior Special Offer Review

    WSO Of The Day Mobile Crusher Review

    I was actually wondering when these 2 Offline Marketing geniuses were going to come out with something in regards to creating a Mobile Crusher Warrior Special Offer for their Crusher Series.

    Alright the whole Crusher Philosophy is that you create either Facebook Fanpages, Business Websites, or even Mobile Business Websites and you generously give those sites away.  But the beauty of it is that in the process you end up making quite a bit of money in the process.  

    Now as strange as this sounds it really does work because the whole point of what you will do is to get a Lead kind of like why you give away an ebook or something else of value to get someone to Sign Up to your mailing list, because you know that in the long run you are going to make money off of that person.  The same applies here you can charge them Hosting etc.

    Okay before I go any further I do want to warn you that Barry ONLY kept this offer available for something like 72 hours last time which kind of surprised me and I got a lot of emails asking me how they could get in once the offer was taken off of the forum so PLEASE if you think you may want the Mobile Crusher Warrior Special Offer I would suggest you just stop what your doing and purchase it, because when I say this offer could be gone I am not trying to use some false scarcity tactic it really could be.

    Here is what is inside Barry PLaskow and Roger D’s Mobile Crusher:

    Intro: This is a 6 Minute long intro audio.
    You can also Download an MP3 File For This Interview

    Below are Video Modules that you can Download MP4’s For Each Of The Video’s Below As Well –

    Video Module #1: Lead Generation And Niche Secrets Revealed:

    Video Module #2: How to Get the Toughest Business to Beg for a Mobile Site Using Pain & Pleasure (in a cool way!)

    Video Module #3: Simple “Close the Deal” Strategies our Team Uses (with 90% Success Rate

    Audio Module #4: “Super Outsourcing Strategies with Roger and Barry”

    Now in case you are wondering what EXACTLY do these video’s within Mobile Crusher look like I decided to take a Screenshot so that you can get an idea of how good of a deal that you are getting on this.  Actually their offering so much content for pretty much next to nothing is kind of like what they are teaching in the sense that they know once you see how good of a deal you have gotten then you are going to want the rest of their product from the past and present and that means they will have a customer for life and hopefully if you do a good job landing your clients you will be able to do the same.

    Here is the Screenshot of one of the Mobile Crusher Members Area Video’s:

    Templates For Mobile Crusher-

    Flyer to send prospects:

    Downloadable PDF Flyer

    Email template for follow up:

    E-Mail For Follow Up .Doc file

    Phone script:

    PDF Phone Script that once again you can download and use.


    Live Implementation Session

    •  Roger and Barry live Q&A session where they answer your Mobile marketing questions.
    • The recording will be made available in this members area within 48 hours of the live session.

    Live SMS Secrets Training

    •  Roger and Barry will be discussing how you can easily take your mobile clients and upsell them into SMS marketing programs.
    • This is super important because you want to maximize the value of each and every one of your clients.
    • The recording will be made available in this members area within 48 hours of the live session.

    “Golden Ticket” Training with Millard Grubb and Barry Plaskow

    • To get the most out of this session, please take notes as you follow along.
    • This is super powerful stuff.

    Unadvertised Bonus: Dan Hollings’ “Kindle Kash”

    • Dan reveals another training from his Mobile Step-by-Step Program.
    • He sells this program (10 modules) for $997. Kindle Kash, is one of the training sessions!
    • This is pure 100% content!

    Now I could be mistaken since I have their other Crusher products but I do believe that these 2 BONUSES LISTED BELOW are also included as BONUSES to the Mobile Crusher Warrior Special Offer but as I said before this may just be a BONUS for their other products.

    Dan Holling’s Mobile Consultant Playbook

    • This is your personal guide to 12 months of upsells that you can refer to for any client you land.
    • Consultants that read through this and take action can literally increase their results many times over.
    • If you don’t know who Dan is, he is a very TALENTED and HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL marketer.  He’s the marketing genius behind “The Secret”

    WP FB Fanpage Plugin

    • With this free gift you can create facebook fanpages for your clients using the power of WordPress.
    • Just install this plugin on to your clients wordpress blog, and fill in a few areas.
    • You can NOT give this away for free, or sell this product. You can only use it for your sites and your client sites.

    I have no doubt that once you join the Crusher community you are going to be hooked and wishing that you had sooner.  Roger and Barry make sure that you get your money’s worth with the Mobile Crusher Warrior Special Offer and within all their products in the Crusher series.

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