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  • Anthony Morrison and Tim Donovan’s Fast Cash Commissions Review Warrior Forum

    Posted on October 25th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Anthony Morrison’s Fast Cash Commissions Review Warrior Forum

    I am a night owl and a slight workaholic so needless to say there are many nights where I am up on my lap top and I keep the television on for some noise in the background and I have come across this infomercial several times:

    Now my opinion on that is that it was most likely a waste of money not so much for the training which is good but more so because he was offering to give you a website that you could use to make commissions with and since he would get a portion of the money for your sales he supposedly had a vested interest in your being successful with these sites but lets face it those cookie cutter sites generally are only going to make Anthony Morrison any decent amount of money because lets face it there are strength in numbers.  When you have 50,000 sites out there selling stuff there are going to be more visible and even a small amount of sales on each one is going to make him money and not so much the person who bought his product.

    Anthony Morrison's Fast Cash Commissions Review Warrior Forum

    Hmm so to say that my opinion of Anthony Morrison was not really the best to begin with would be an understatement and I was definitely waiting to tear this product apart because of that.

    Now in Full Disclosure I was given a review copy as strange as that may seem and I am not sure how much of the content or softwares included were part of any upsells.  I also have to say that there is such a MASSIVE AMOUNT of content I could not possibly go through it all and there is just no way I am going to site through all of the Training provided for those new to the world of internet marketing.

    Okay let me begin by saying there is just way to much content for me to possibly share with you everything that is included with Anthony Morrison’s Fast Cash Commissions, so I am going to be using a lot of screen shots.

    Here is a Screenshot of what Anthony Morrison’s Fast Cash Commissions Members Area looks like:

    Alright here is a picture of what one of the Fast Cash Commission softwares looks like this particular one is called Fast Traffic Sniper:

    Basically this software is going to be used to help you find who your TARGET AUDIENCE is and what it is they want.

    Here are some of the other sections to this course and after looking at all this I hope you can see why I am having a very hard time trying to put this review together and be as detailed as possible but at the same time there is really so much content and training that I do feel to an extent I am doing Anthony Morrison’s Fast Cash Commissions a disservice because I can’t stress enough how good of a product this really is or how much content it contains within it here is just a SAMPLE of what is inside and there is way more than what I am showing:
    Social Genius

    • How To Use Social Media To Communicate With Your Audience
    • Social Intelligence
    • How To Use Social Intelligence
    • Social Intelligence Campaigns
    • Cut & Paste Social Intelligence Campaigns

    Find Your Target

    • How To Find The Right Audience Fast
    • Install Fast Traffic Sniper
    • How To Install The Fast Traffic Sniper
    • Target Analysis
    • How To Get Quick Data About Your Audience

    Stealth Sniper

    • How To Spy On Your Competition
    • Competitor Spy
    • How To Use The Competitor Spy
    • Competitor Intel
    • How To Use A Free Resource To Gather Additional Intel

     Quick Content

    •     How To Create Content Quickly
    •     Easy Content
    •     How To Create The Right Content – The Easy Way
    •     Using The Spin Wizard
    •     How To Quickly And Easily Create Content With The Spin Wizard
    •     Spinning Your Content
    •     How To Spin Your Article With The Spin Wizard

    Easy Links

    • How To Get Your Backlinks Indexed Quickly And Easily
    • Ninja Links
    • How To Really Ramp Things Up With Secret Ninja Link Building Tactics
    • Lightning Fast Links
    •     Easy Link Building
    •     How To Build And Format Links To Optimize Your Websites
    •     Personas & Campaigns
    •     How To Create Your Fast Traffic Personas & Campaigns
    •     Custom Directories & Social Posting
    •     How To Add Extra Directories And Automate Your Social Posting
    •     Behind The Scenes Links
    •     Behind The Scenes Look At The Fast Traffic Magnet

    Cut & Paste Basics

    • How To Install WordPress & Have Your Site Running In Mintues
    • Cut & Paste Websites
    • How To Add A Beautiful Theme To Your Site Custom Made For Your Niche
    • Cut & Paste Articles
    • How To Add A Professionally Written Article Targeting Your Niche To Your Site
    • Cut & Paste Videos
    • How To Add A Highly Targeted High Definition Video To Your Site

    There is also a very cool software that I think is definitely going help people out quite a bit, this software is called Viral Video Creator and it is going to make creating a TON of video’s that you can put out there to help make your sites go VIRAL and get way more traffic than you would normally be able to get.

    Here is a picture of the Viral Video Creator software training etc:

    Something that is very cool is they actually give you quite a bit of Royalty Free music that you can use when you create your video’s with this software.

    Fast Cash Commissions Pro’s –

    • A TON of content and training
    • Softwares that are going to make your job as an internet marketer much easier and help you get more done much faster
    • This product is definitely up to date and gives several different ways for you to be able to find success as an internet marketer

    Fast Cash Commissions Con’s –

    The only things I can think of is you very well could get information overload with this product.


    Get Anthony Morrison’s Fast Cash Commissions if you are either an Internet Marketing beginner or even an Intermediate Internet Marketer who is not making a consistent amount of money online or even just looking for ways to save time and effort because alot of the softwares provided are definitely going to make it much easier for internet marketers.

    I still think Kelly Felix and Mike Long’s Bring The Fresh is the measuring stick as far as internet marketing products go and some of that is their dedication to making sure that their customers are successful with their product.  So only time will tell if Anthony Morrison and Tim Donovan will do the same but there is certainly no reason that someone who purchases not being able to make money with what they learn from it and utilizing the softwares provided.

    This is by far my FAVORITE Internet Marketing products of 2011 at least as far as Clickbank products are concerned and I only wish I had something like this when I got started online.  So even though I really didn’t care much for Anthony Morrison to begin with there is no denying his Fast Cash Commissions is definitely worth getting.

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