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  • Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim’s Lethal Commission Review Warrior Forum

    Posted on November 2nd, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim’s Lethal Commissions Review Warrior Forum

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    Anik Singals Lethal Commissions Review Warrior Forum

    I am personally a pretty big fan of Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim for several reasons, they are both very successful internet marketers and I truly believe that they both care about putting out good internet marketing products as well as making sure that their customers get their money’s worth.

    Something I notice with them is that they are constantly improving the products they put out and usually based off of the feedback of their customers which once again shows me that they do care about their customers being successful.  So I was kindly given a review copy of Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim’s Lethal Commission which I think both I and just about everyone else in the internet marketing world have been looking forward to seeing after watching these preview for the first ever “Full Lengthn Internet Marketing Movie” which I believe has got to be one of the most original and brilliant marketing idea’s I have seen in quite a while and it is definitely teaches a very valuable lesson about thinking outside of the box as far as promotional idea’s go.

    So here is what the Lethal Commission Software is all about:

    Each section or module of the Lethal Commission product comes with a video where it is clearly explained by another internet marketer that I respect quite a bit Sean Donahoe who you may know as The Manic Marketer and who had a product that I love which is called Extreme Niche Empires.  Now onto the software and other features of this product.

    Let’s start off with the Keyword and Research section.

    Keyword and Market Research –  This feature alone is in my opinion VERY COOL because of the fact that it allows you to do VERY DETAILED Keyword and Market Research and on top of all that it is going to be a major time saver.  Honestly I really don’t care how experienced of an internet marketer that you are unless you are outsourcing most of your keyword and market research then you may very well want to consider getting Anik Singals Lethal Commission for this because as I mentioned earlier it is going to simplify the whole Research process.

    One of the reasons most internet marketing beginners fail is usually because of not TAKING ACTION and they often times do not take action because of several reasons such as thinking that they need to know more which in reality EXPERIENCE is just what they need and the other reason is because they often are just plain tired after working all day and then trying to find the time to devote to doing the proper research can be very boring and exhausting and it doesn’t take long to then lose motivation.

    So having a software that does the Keyword and Marketing Research and as detailed as it is alone is going to help out on that end quite a bit and as I said even more experienced marketers wanting to save on time are going to LOVE THIS FEATURE!

    The Keyword Research part of the software allows you to type in a search term such as “acne treatment” and then it will tell you the amount of traffic that these keywords get along with ESTIMATED amount of Daily Leads which is based off of a formula that they use that seems to work pretty well.

    The software allows you to arrange your results however you want such as being able to filter out “Lower Search Volumes” and “CPC Cost”, “Lower Competition” etc.

    You are then able to select which keywords you like and then find which domains are available

    You are also able to dig deeper on the first page and further evaluate your SEO Competition and then Score the SEO of whatever keywords you like.  You are then able to Export and Save all of your keywords either for later use or to do further research.

    Blog Manager Feature

    This once again is very cool both for Beginner internet marketers as well as Intermediate Internet Marketers because this feature not only works on your more traditional blogs such as WordPress and that you have a Hosting Account for and by the way if you do not yet use a host I highly recommend Hostgator and you can try it out for just a penny, but you can also use this software for Blogger blogs which I know many beginner internet marketers use for many reasons one being that they are tight on money or are unsure whether or not the whole “Affiliate Marketing” thing is actually going to make them money.

    I know that I personally started out building my sites with Blogger so I think it was pretty cool of Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim to be aware of this and to include that feature with the software which once again shows me that they really do care about helping their customer.

    If you have “Hundreds of blogs” you can also use the Bulk Import feature of this software.

    So after putting in your information such as your Adsense and Clickbank Id, The Keywords you are targeting etc. the Lethal Commission software then installs a blog for you which is highly optimized to make you money.  Not only that but it then gives you a sort of Fill In The Blank Information on your site that you can use to help you make sure that you are getting the best SEO results, so it will tell you when to have H2 tags, or use a bolded word here and if you use this you are definitely going to notice that you will benefit as far as your SEO results go.  If you are not quite sure what I mean then look at the photo below if it is too small click on it and then click on the picture again so that you can see a larger version of the screenshot because this is very cool:


    I would also like to remind you that your blog will not only be optimized to start earning you commissions but it also is going to have all of your Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use, Earnings Disclaimer, plugins on it as well.  I like this because this obviously IS VERY IMPORTANT.  

    If for some reason your host has trouble installing the blogs they also show you fairly easy way of Manually installing this on your blogs so altogether you should have not problem setting these sites up.

    There is also a Content Management Section that I can only assume will show you how to Manage The Content of your blogs but since I had access before the launch they have not yet put up the Content within this area so I cannot really say for sure what this all will include.

    Anik Singal and Jimmy Kims Lethal Commission also includes a very cool section called 3 Elite Strategies for Success where they go over in video 3 Solid ways of how to make money online and especially with the sites that you will be building with your software.

    These 3 Strategies are:

    • Search Sniper
    • Cluster Cash
    • Niche King

    Each of these strategies that I mentioned are covered in video and then you are also given a PDF Mindmap that goes along with each of these “Strategies” and YES these strategies really do work because I have used these strategies myself to make money online so I know that if you implement these you will MAKE MONEY!

    You will also get a VERY COOL resource that is going to help you quite a bit as far as SEO goes within this section, so if you decide to implement the “Cluster Cash” Strategy I highly recommend that you use this resource mentioned.

    Something that I really love about Anik Singals Lethal Commission is not only how much time and money this software is going to save you, but how much they cover SEO so that you are definitely going to have an edge on your competition and even more so is that they are up to date as far the VERY RECENT Google algorithm changes.


    Done For You Lethal Campaigns – I am not sure how much they are going to be charging for these Campaigns but I can tell you that they are most likely well worth getting at least initially especially if you are new to internet marketing.  Here is what the Lethal Campaigns will include:

    Each Month you will get 15 Zip Files that are extractable to receive each Done For You Campaign.

    1. – A PDF that shows you the BEST Micro Niche & Keywords and BEST Clickbank Related Products. (Created to make it easy to Scan)

    2. a XLS file that shows you whats in the PDF in a easy to utilize by highlighting and copying/pasting.

    3. Blog Theme Package that gives you an optimized Theme for your site.

    I was actually able to look these over and they are very well put together and the reason why I recommend that you get this is one it is going to save you a lot of time and it is also going to give you a very good starting point and niche that you can enter including a WordPress theme that fits with each niche campaign.

    Lethal Traffic Software Suite –

    •     – Automatic Cycler: Your sites will be promoted OVER and OVER on every site update, INSTANTLY
    •     – Top Submitter: You’ll start instantly receiving tons of free traffic as your sites are “followed” on autopilot.
    •     – Site Slingshot: INSTANT linkbacks, INSTANT viewers and a source of VERY HIGHLY targeted Traffic

    Lethal Network Command Center –



    Get the BEST Back links to Rank your site on ANY niche, ANY keyword, at ANY time on the TOP 3 Search Engines. An automation tool that will simply save you TONS of time as it takes control of all your backlink needs. Use it on an UNLIMITED number of sites for an UNLIMITED number of uses.

    Pro’s Of Anik Singals Lethal Commission –

    • Very simple to use no matter what your internet marketing experience or technical knowledge
    • This product is going to save a lot of time as far RESEARCH goes
    • This product is totally up to date with all of the recent SEO changes in that it covers a bit on Social Media
    • Very easy to implement strategies on how to start making money with your websites that are going to be setup
    • All of your sites are going to be set up the right way including Privacy Policy, SEO, Monetizing them, etc.

    Con’s of Anik Singals Lethal Commission –

    As with any other product some of the VERY BEST featues are Upsells but they seem to be well worth the investment if you have the money considering they are going to help you even more so with both SEO, backlinking, and traffic!


    I love Anik Singals Lethal Commission and unlike the recently launched Anthony Morrison product Fast Cash Commissions this takes something that could be confusing especially to those who are new to internet marketing and makes it very easy to understand all the way from how to use the Softwares, setting up your sites, and right down to the monetizing strategies.  I really liked Fast Cash Commissions but I have to say this easily is a better product and I have no doubt is going to help some internet marketers who have not yet earned money to be able to start making some.

    As a matter of fact Sean Donahoe covers in the 3 Elite Strategies For Success section a very easy way to start earning some pretty good money and just in time for the holidays.  Trust me what he covers in this section works I can’t stress that enough I have made money doing what he says and so have other internet marketers just TAKE ACTION especially with the first Strategy that he covers which is the most simplest and you can definitely start doing this and make money within the month.

    Even if you are a more experienced internet marketer you may want to get Anik Singals Lethal Commissions for the software alone to help save you some time in your Keyword and Market Research and as I mentioned before if you are an internet marketing beginner or intermediate then you definitely should consider investing in Anik Singal and Jimmy Kims Lethal Commissions.


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