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    Posted on August 3rd, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Anik Singal and Andrew X Commission Domination Review


    Anik Singal and Andew X Commission Domination Review Warrior Forum

    Anik Singal happens to be one of my favorite internet marketers because he seems to almost always deliver a good overall product.  Now that isn’t to say that every once in a while I am not a bit disappointed but overall his products are usually pretty good and well worth what he is charging.

    Now Andrew X is kind of hit or miss when it comes to releasing decent products.  So I was looking forward to seeing whether or not this product would turn out to be a decent product or not!   Now I have to say that for the most part I was pleasantly surprised Commission Domination is almost overloaded with internet marketing content.  It comes with a TON of PDF’s and Video that cover just about anything and everything you will ever need to know about internet marketing and while a lot of that stuff may not interest a lot of intermediate and experienced internet marketers there are still a lot of internet marketing newbies who will get more than their money’s worth from all of this learning material.

    Now on to the software part of this product.  It is a web based software that will make setting up a website a bit easier than usual.  This software is kind of an ALL IN ONE type of software because it has so many features such as keyword and niche research, RSS feed submissions, article spinning and submission, pinging, and backlinks.

    Now some of these features like pinging are not necessarily a very big deal at all but then again the backlinks could certainly come in helpful however without testing this out in the long term I really can’t be sure how effective backlinks from this software are going to be.  I can say that I really don’t rely on softwares for the most part to get my backlinks and that I usually outsource my backlinks.  Now that doesn’t mean that these or other softwares backlinks are not good.  I am just saying my backlink guy is top notch and deserves every penny that I pay him.

    Okay now back to the Anik Singal’s and Andrew X Commission Domination Review:


    • Commission Domaination is loaded with a TON of learning material that will definitely teach those that are new to internet marketing just about everything that they are going to need to know.
    • The cost of the product is decently priced
    • This is a very good starter product for someone who is new to internet marketing and even perhaps some that are not completely new to it but are looking for a software to help do niche research and save time when creating a website.
    • Creates backlinks for your site even if they are not High PR backlinks I am always of the opinion that links to your site in general are going to be helpful
    • I can see how someone who is new to internet marketing and is hesitant to set up their own site would find this product especially the software side of it helpful in making it a bit easier to set up their site

    Con’s –

    • This product is going to more helpful to internet marketing newbies rather than those who are more experienced internet marketers (I would recommend someone who is experienced purchase a WSO over getting this)
    • It is a software and softwares can make mistakes so I would definitely double check everything over after running it and making sure it is set up properly
    • I think it may have been slightly misrepresented on the sales page
    • You are not going to get rich with this product so if you are purchasing it to get rich then you are wasting your money!


    As I have mentioned before Anik Singal and Andrew X Commission Domination is an overall good product but not for experienced marketers.  If you are new to internet marketing or even if you understand the concepts but are hesitant to TAKE ACTION because you are finding all the technical side of things intimidating then you should definitely consider getting this product!

    As I mentioned earlier DO NOT BUY Commission Domination to make money fast rather buy it for all of the training PDF Reports as well as the Video’s and the Software that will save you some time in setting up your site.  The product is decent but there are way better products out there such as Extreme Niche Empires or Bring The Fresh!

    However if you are wanting an IM software product to help you save time as well as make it easier for you to get your sites set up then you will most likely be happy with Anik Singal and Andrew X Commission Domination!

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