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    Posted on February 12th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Andrew X Cash Bullets Review Warrior Forum

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    Andrew X Cash Bullets Review Warrior Forum

    Andrew X has released quite a bit worthless products in the past so anytime he puts something out I already have an idea of what I am going to get when I make my purchase.  But in the past I am suprised on occasion and I was hoping that this would be the case as well.

    But the fact is this product is junk and it is not going to make you any significant amount of money.  Basically Andrew X’s Cash Bullets is a software plugin that will make it slightly easier to create niche affiliate sites with very little technical knowledge on your part.

    You will also get a bunch of niche templates to use so that you can then use the various themes depending upon the niche of your site.  So instead of learning how to set your site up and actually have some sort of basic internet marketing knowledge that you can fall back on and actually put to use in various other ways such as building websites for small business owners etc.

    Personally what ever time this does save you it is definitely not worth the asking price and as I mentioned if you want to be successful as an internet marketer it is definitely important to know how to set up your own site which once you get the hang of it you can do within 10 to 15 minutes at the very most.

    Now aside from this initial junk plugin there are some Upsells as well.  The first Upsell is $197 and what you get is basically an AUTO POSTER software that scrapes content from the internet and then puts it on your site and after all of that is done you will not need to really touch your site and you can also not worry about ranking well at least in the long run within the search engines as they seem to be ranking sites like the ones this will create horribly.

    Don’t get me wrong in the past I have been able to auto blog with no problems whatsoever and have been able to make some very good money in the process.  Some of those sites are still doing well and continuing to make me money, while others have dropped quite a bit and are now pretty much worthless.

    My recommendation for you would be to instead focus on putting up original and unique content as Google loves it and it really is not as hard as you would think all you have to do is write an original article for your site 3 to 5 times a week and you will be amazed at the results you will get.

    There is also a second Upsell for $197 and this is probably the biggest rip off I have seen.  With your purchase of this you will get various other Affiliate Templates that supposedly cost him $1000 to produce.  I highly doubt it did and they are definitely not worth $197 as there are plenty of WordPress Template deals you can get over in the Warrior Special Offers section of the Warrior Forum so definitely don’t get this.

    As if the other 2 Upsells were not enough to get you making money online he is also offering a third Upsell which is a Private Coaching Program delivered with video’s.  The better investment would have been paying $297 for Kensters Coaching Program as I can assure you would have gotten more content and overall value from his WSO than you would get from this.

    As I previously said at the beginning of this review DO NOT BUY Andrew X’s Cash Bullets as it is definitely not worth the money you spend on it and instead I would recommend getting a product like Bring The Fresh which is slightly more expensive but it will actually show you Step By Step exactly what you need to do to have internet marketing success.

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