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  • An Open Letter To Jani G Ghaffor In Regards To Clickbanks Vendor NEW Promotional Guidelines

    Posted on August 2nd, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Internet Marketer Jani G

    Hey Jani G what is up my friend?  Did you see the latest Clickbank Vendor Promotion Guideline changes?  Hmm I bet your jaw about dropped didn’t it?  I mean how in the world are you going to be able to scam I mean show all those internet marketing newbies who are looking up to you for guidance your amazing skills on how to Get FB Ads For Free (I would put up a link to your joke of a product but word is it was shut down for you changing the sales page after it was approved by Clickbank, and you are now collecting leads and the heck I am going to send you any leads from my site!)

    I guess it is a good thing that you have that $3 million in the bank, what, how did I know that you had $3 million in the bank?  Don’t you remember that FAKE $3 million screenshot that you had on your Commission Takers Sales Page the same one that is used on another “Gambling System” product?

    Oh well at least you can fall back on your Auto Traffic Hijack software, a product you put out that was actually half way decent product but then you allegedly screwed the software developer out of money and then when he told you that he was going to deactivate the software you manned up like the scum bag you are and emailed your list of people who paid good money to you money that they worked their rear ends off for and told them that there was a scammer out there that was going to be emailing them and trying to get them to get a refund on the software that was soon to be deactivated and not too trust this scammer!

    Funny because it turns out it really was the software developer and he did deactivate the software and even offered the exact same version for FREE to those who purchased it through your product, NOW THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE (at least on his part not yours) why, you ask? because a lot of those people would have been able to get refunds on the software had you been honest and straight forward but those that trusted you were not able to because you said the guy emailing them was a scammer they didn’t ask for a refund within the generous Clickbank 60 day refund policy!

    Oh but then at least you owned up to it in the long run right, that makes it all better!  Yeah I remember that email fondly where you basically half way owned up to lying to those that purchased your product!  Hmm maybe you should have done that in the first place but then that would just have been too easy!

    Now for those reading this Open Letter To Jani G Ghaffor, you are probably thinking oh he can’t possibly be that bad, CAN HE?  Well check out some of these video’s to see what the Jani G customer experience is like:

    Here is Ben trying to get a REFUND for Get FB Ads Free and how Jani G keeps changing it to Tech Support so that he can hit Clickbank #1 and then once he hits that he will issue the refunds which there are going to be a TON of those REFUNDS:

    Here is a review of his Commission Takers product by a well respected internet marketer Jeremy Kelsall:

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