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    Posted on March 10th, 2015 Tim No comments

    Top WSOHalbertology - Everything You Thought You Knew About Marketing Just Changed!

    Alex Jeffreys The Launch Bible Warrior Forum Review

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    My rating for Alex Jeffreys The Launch Bible product:


    alex_jeffreysI’ve said it over and over again… The best way to make money online is to have a product of your own to sell. Honestly other than winning the lottery, I can’t think of a much easier way for someone with little to no money, being able to make a lot of money relatively quickly.

    One of the biggest problems you’re going to run into when trying to create your information product, isn’t actually creating the product itself, but rather setting everything up, so that you can make the most money possible for not just yourself, but your JV partners as well.

    There are things that go into it like getting JV partners to promote the product for you, and setting up the entire sales funnel so that you can make the launch profitable. The fact of the matter is, you can create the best product ever, but if you don’t get the product in front of the right audience, you’re not going to make a dime, and there is no easier way to get a flood of traffic, than by having JV partners send it to you. Now you could be thinking to yourself that you can go out there and get JV partners, and that may be true (It can be harder than you think), but it won’t do you a whole lot of good if you don’t make them a decent amount of money.

    The reason I say that is because if you don’t have your sales funnel set up right to maximize your profits, your JV partners won’t be able to make the money that they were anticipating they were going to make. If that happens, chances are they won’t be promoting anymore products for you in the future.

    launch bible

    And that is where Alex Jeffreys The Launch Bible comes in. Within this product you will be getting the exact same checklist that Alex Jeffreys uses when he launches a product, and this guy has made literally millions of dollars launching products, which means he knows what he is doing.

    You also get over 2 hours of step by step video, audio, and PDF guides that show you everything you need to do in order to have a successful launch, ranging from niche selection, creating the product, automating everything, and getting endless traffic.

    On top of all that you get the following BONUSES as well:

    BONUS #1 Product Launch “Survival Guide”

    BONUS #2 4-Page Cash Machine Templates

    BONUS #3 Alex Jeffreys Black Book Resource Guide

    BONUS #4 Live Group Q & A Mastermind Session

    BONUS #5 Fly On The Wall “Video Documentary”

    BONUS #6 How To Become The #1 Affiliate

    BONUS #7 Exit Splash Generator

    launch bible 2
    So as you can clearly see, Alex Jeffreys The Launch Bible, is packed with a ton of information to help you successfully launch a product, whether it is your first time or you’ve done it before.

    As I mentioned earlier, Alex Jeffreys has a lot of experience doing product launches and knows what he is talking about when it comes to making a lot of money while doing it.

    I did however only give The Launch Bible 4 stars because there are better products out there on the subject, like Clickbank University, but with that said, The Launch Bible will compliment Clickbank University very well, and I’d urge you to buy it even if you do already own Clickbank University.  Click here if you would like to read my very detailed review of Clickbank University.

    Bottom line though, if you plan on creating a product to sell online either now or in the future, Alex Jeffreys The Launch Bible is definitely a product you should consider buying in order to help you make the most money you possibly can.


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