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  • Alan Mass Traffic Bomb Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on September 22nd, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Alan Mass Traffic Bomb Warrior Special Offer if you would like to see this WSO CLICK HERE!

    Alan Mass Traffic Bomb Warrior Special Offer Review

    Alan Mass Traffic Bomb Warrior Special Offer Review

    One of the biggest reasons internet marketers don’t make money online is because they can’t get consistent and targeted traffic.  Well Alan Mass has taken care of that with his AWESOME Traffic Bomb Warrior Special Offer This is a software that really does get you traffic and it does it with the power of Twitter.

    Now personally I am not a very big fan of Twitter however I still use it daily to make money in various niches.  So even if you do not like Twitter just like me you still need to utilize it as part of your overall internet marketing strategy no matter what niche you are in and that is because MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people LOVE Twitter and they use it daily.

    Now there are a TON of softwares out there that will help you get Twitter followers and that is definitely a good long term strategy and I do encourage you to continue and try to get more Twitter followers and to develop a relationship with them.  But now you can also use Alan Mass Traffic Bomb software to start getting traffic to your websites, articles, and offers pretty much instantly it is FREAKING AWESOME!

    Here is a quick summary of what this software does:

    1.Create brand new Twitter accounts automatically
    2.Search for keywords that people are tweeting RIGHT NOW!
    3.Send that people a recommendation from you with your affiliate link!

    Now here something else that I like about this software and that is it will start getting you site visitors today and it says so as well so it isn’t going to take you 30 days to start seeing results.  Which means that if for some reason it doesn’t work then you are going to be able to get a refund right away, however I know that this isn’t going to happen because this software actually works unlike the article directory submitting softwares that are sent into your email inbox every other day by the so called internet marketing guru’s.

    I actually wonder why none of them have ever put together a software like this before.  Oh well now you are definitely going to want to use a proxy with the Traffic Bomb software and he does give you some FREE places to do that but I highly recommend that as soon as you start making money with this software that you get Hide My Ass it is the proxy I personally use and it is by far the BEST and very affordable!

    Here is another recommendation for those that get this software and that is I have found that this works especially well with CPA offers and especially with those that have to do with getting FREE ringtones or ones that require submitting only a zip code and email address.

    That isn’t to say it won’t work with Clickbank products because it will but I would focus on ones that have to do with software and technology!

    If you are not currenty doing CPA marketing then you are seriously missing out on some very easy money and you should definitely check out Mike Morgan’s Real CPA Money Maker Warrior Special Offer and start making some very easy paychecks!

    Here is a video that shows how easy it is to get started using this software to get traffic and start making money:


    Here is a FREE Ebook on how to start making money with Twitter

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