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  • Abbas Rajiv’s Social Hub Submitter Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on March 10th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Abbas Rajivs Social Hub Submitter Warrior Special Offer Review

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    Abbas Rajivs Social Hub Submitter Warrior Special Offer Review

    As Abbas Rajivs sales copy for the Social Hub Submitter Warrior Special Offer says Google is not stupid and I have to agree with that quite a bit.  With the most recent search algorithm changes social media now are having an affect on how websites are being ranked which makes perfect sense when you think about it and that is because they are current and when someone is using a search engine they are usually searching for a SOLUTION or ANSWER to whatever it is they are looking for.  Obviously when you are looking for an answer you are going to want whatever is most CURRENT rather than a solution or answer from something that was years ago etc.

    Think about it like this say you had an acne problem and you were searching for a natural remedy for your problem and you came across 2 sites that gave 2 different ways of solving your problem Site 1 article is from 2006 and Site 2 article is from 2011 I would imagine that you would most likely try the solution from Site 2 before you would try the remedy from Site 1 because of the fact it is more current.  So the same applies to what the search engines are looking for these days and that is why they are factoring in Social Media sites for their search engine rankings more so than they had in the past.  Now don’t go thinking backlinks aren’t important because they are but they do hold less weight in getting your site ranked than they had in the past.

    Here is an EXAMPLE of how accurate social media sites can be, recently it has been discovered that Twitter is able to predict the stock market with an 86.7% accuracy:

    Alright so now that you understand why it is social media sites have so much pull for your search engine rankings, which means that you should definitely be focusing a portion of your attention on social media sites and that is where Abbas Rajivs Social Hub Submitter Warrior Special Offer comes in:

    The problem for most people though is that they just don’t have the time to be active on all of these social media sites and trust me I totally understand about that.  So whenever I can find a way to increase my social media presence and spend less time actually having to do work I am all for it and that is why I recommend Abbas Rajivs Social Hub Submitter WSO .

    What this software does is it allows you to connect a TON of these social media accounts into just 1 place which allows you to stay organized and it allows you to do something once and then be submitted to ALL of the social media sites instead of having to do each site individually.  By being able to do that you are then able to get your content on MORE SITES which obviously is going to help your overall SEO and increase your overall visibility to others.

    Here is a video that is going to show a bit more about what you get when you purchase the Social Hub Submitter Warrior Special Offer:

    Let me tell you while this software is effective in helping your websites rank and it is a timesaver it also can be a bit confusing at first but like anything else the more you use it the more comfortable you will be with it and you will be able to get things done even faster so I do urge you to give it sometime if you do decide to buy it.

    Overall Abbas Rajivs Social Hub Submitter Warrior Special Offer is definitely a very good deal and effective but as I said it can be a bit overwhelming for someone who is not very tech savvy so it may not be for everybody.  But with that said if you do decide to purchase it and use it regularly I have no doubt you will be able to significantly increase your overall presence on social media sites which in turn will increase the traffic to your websites as well as improve your sites rankings within the search engines.

    If this Warrior Special Offer however is too expensive or you are just plain not interest in it yet you want to increase your activitiy on social media sites to help increase your website traffic then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting Craig Mako and Anthony Devine’s Fast Attack Kingpin Warrior Special Offer as it will definitely help you do just that!

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